The Craft Skiery: 23/24 Meier Skis |  Blister Summit 2023 Video

At Blister Summit 2023, we sat down with Meier’s Michelle Kidd & Parker Davis to discuss the brand’s origins and some of their latest and most popular ski models. We cover their sustainability efforts, including using bio-based resins, beetle-kill pine, and repurposing waste materials; the tradeoffs of letting customers see exactly what’s in the cores of their skis via clear top sheets; creating skis that meet the demands of athletes like Owen Leeper while still catering to more average skiers, and more.


Learn more about the Blister Summit here


  • Brand Background & Sustainability Efforts 00:00
  • Meier Wrangler & Leeper 7:25
  • Meier Quickdraw 10:23
  • Meier’s Women’s Skis & BNK 11:44
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