The Future of Snowsports(?) |  Blister Summit 2023 Panel Video

At Blister Summit 2023, we brought together Nina Waters (Blizzard-Tecnica), Dr. Len Necefer (Natives Outdoors & Sonoran Avalanche Center), Dan Abrams (Flylow), & Hanna Whirty (Icelantic) to cover a broad range of topics regarding the future of the snowsports industry. They discuss how they think about expanding the snowsports community and the resulting benefits; the role of crowding and potential solutions; how DE&I, Advocacy, & Climate Change are all linked, and more.


Learn more about the Blister Summit here


  • Introductions 00:00
  • Expanding Involvement: Different Approaches 6:30
  • Crowding 36:29
  • Economic Barriers to Entry 41:17
  • Partnerships between Non-Profits & Brands 47:56
  • DE&I, Advocacy, & Climate Change 51:06
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