Andi Stader

Age: 32|  Vitals: 5’8″, 125 lbs | Years climbing: 6 | Current residence: Denver, CO

From the time I could walk, I was climbing up trees and running through the woods. Growing up in Georgia, I did not have large mountains to climb, but my passion for the outdoors began with camping trips with my family in the Blue Ridge Mountains and hiking with friends around Georgia, Tennessee and North Carolina. My first professional experience in the outdoors was with scuba diving in Pattaya, Thailand where I trained and worked as a PADI Dive Master.

Andi Gervais, Blister Gear Review
Andi Stader, Red Rocks, NV.

My rock climbing passion blossomed in 2007 during law school, in Nashville, Tennessee. There I met a group of avid climbers who took me under their wing and taught me all they knew about climbing.

Since then, I’ve been getting outside and climbing at every chance I’ve had. My climbing adventures have taken me around the East Coast, from the Red River Gorge, New River Gorge, and most of North Carolina and Tennessee, as well as out to Squamish BC, Yosemite, Red Rocks, Nevada, Oregon and Washington. I’ve also done some climbing in New Zealand, and I’m very excited to now call Colorado home!

My favorite is trad and multi-pitch climbing, but I always enjoy a day out sport cragging too. I also love mountaineering, cycling, hiking, and yoga. My travels have taken me to Southeast Asia, West Africa, Central and South America, New Zealand and Australia, Turkey, Dubai and all over Europe.

Prior to moving to Colorado and joining Kent Mountain Adventure Center in Estes Park and the Colorado Outward Bound School, I coached a junior climbing team in Oregon and instructed rock and mountaineering courses for Kaf Adventures in Oregon and Washington. And way back before all of that I was also an attorney in North Carolina.

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