Cy Whitling

Age: 26 | Height: 6’0” | Weight: 180 lbs | Years Skiing: 8 | Years Biking: 11 | Current Residence: Driggs, Idaho

I got into riding bikes back in junior high, when I discovered a large jump on a local trail. It took me a year before I actually landed it, but I was hooked, and I spent the next few years destroying my shins racing downhill, freeriding, and building questionable features.

Cy Whitling Bio, Blister Gear Review
Cy Whitling, Beacon Hill, Washington.

Then I discovered the MSP Shane McConkey tribute segment, and I began to fall in love with snow sports, too.

Inspired by Saucer Boy and early X-games footage, I bought a pair of snowblades at the thrift store and ripped around in a bike helmet and Carhartts for two years, not realizing that the ski community’s enthusiasm for snowblading was largely sarcastic. Thankfully, some kind friends introduced me to real skiing.

I quickly realized that doing whirlybirds in the stunt ditch was not my thing, so I started taking photos of my more gifted friends, which led to a few years of shooting and writing for

Cy Whitling Bio Blister Gear Review.
Cy Whitling at Grand Targhee, WY.

I’ve also spent time dabbling in engineering, drawing mountain bike suspension layouts, worked in film production, and even pressed a snowblade. But my passions have become focused on photography, videography, art, and writing.

I love to ski pow and crud inbounds at the edge of control, but I also love taking pictures of people who actually make skiing look graceful. Sharing the excitement I get from the mountains is just as fulfilling to me as actually experiencing it, so I strive to live stories worth telling.

Cy Whitling Bio, Blister Gear Review
Cy Whitling, Mount Adams, Washington.

I’ve also realized that walking up mountains that don’t have lifts on them makes for really great pictures and adventures, so both my skiing and my biking focus has shifted to exploring the hills. I like ski days that involve headlamps, my dumb stubby tailed dog, dumb puns, booters, and backcountry charcuterie.

I currently live in Driggs, Idaho where I enjoy eating potatoes, falling off cliffs on purpose, and looking at the pretty side of the Tetons.


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