Lexi Dowdall

Age: 27 | Vitals: 5’3″, 120 lbs | Years Skiing: 25 | Current Residence: Salt Lake City, Utah

Raised in the shadows of the Wasatch Mountains, I am a genuine product of Utah. I’ve discovered that we are a rare breed as I’ve found myself surrounded by East Coast powderhounds and other transplants who settled here in the promised land of Zion.

Having ex-ski bums for parents*, I picked up skiing at a tender age and never looked back.

(*I recently had this conversation with my mom: ME: Did you plan on making skiers out of your daughters? MOM: No it wasn’t a conscious decision. It was something that we embraced and loved, and if they wanted to be our children, they could come along. Fuck them if they don’t want to ski.)

It was not until I was 18-years-old that I experienced snow conditions outside the state of Utah. It was a tough life, only ever having skied the “Greatest Snow on Earth” for the duration of my existence.

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Attending college at the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, Washington, I earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology in 2008. As a terrified freshman looking to meet new friends and explore the Pacific Northwest, I unwittingly joined the university ski team so I could finally experience snow outside of Utah. I had never ski raced a day in my life but I gradually improved and even learned how to ski on ice. We explored a new resort each weekend and skied a pretty decent chunk of respectable PNW resorts, but nothing was quite like home…

After college I tried a few different jobs, but soon realized that my existence is futile without mountains. I returned to Salt Lake City and have been seeking untracked powder ever since.  I now work for Backcountry.com, which does not inhibit my gear addiction by any means.

My favorite places to ski are Snowbird and Alta, with a bit of backcountry added to the mix. Skiing has literally shaped the direction and choices in my life, and I seldom know where the next turns may lead. When I am waiting for winter, I can be found impatiently mountain biking, paddleboarding, trolling local thrift stores in search of treasures, and making mossy terrariums.

Skis I’m stoked on:

Armada VJJ & Moment Bella

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  1. Hey Lexi

    I’ve seen your comment about Inkline in one review at bc.com, do you have anyone in particular to recommend? I’ve heard good things about Inkline as well as Earl/Jeremy at Sports Loft, as well as Brent in Park City. I’m in desperate need of a top notch fitter.

    Sorry for the hijack! :-) Couldn’t find a better way to ask the question…

  2. Lexi,

    My husband just discovered blister and has spent hours reading the reviews. After calling me over to the computer again and again to tell me how great the site is, I saw your photo.

    Where on earth did you find those gloves. I love them. Are you willing to share the brand and where they can be purchased?

  3. Hey Marcel,

    Sorry for the delay in answering!

    I would suggest Chris as your first bet for Inkline, he’s the owner and is absolutely impeccable in his work; The one thing to watch out for is Inkline tends to opt for a really tight, racer style fit. They wanted to put me down in a 21.5 kid’s boot, which honestly isn’t what I needed. I went with a 22.5 women’s boot that I had purchased and brought in for a custom footbed and heat mold.

    I’ve also heard amazing things about Sport’s Den, but I’ve never tried them myself. I’ve heard several recommendations from co-workers I trust who have used the Den. I think you can’t go wrong with either option. Park City is off my radar, so I don’t have any advice to give on that front.

    Best of luck, and I apologize if this is too late!

    I was very pleased with my experience at Inkline, I’ve been back twice for small tweaks and they’ve been very happy to accommodate. They will work with you until your boot is completely dialed.

  4. Hi Lexi,

    Question for you. What women skis (preferably touring) would you recommend for Denali? I am your height. I am planning a trip to Denali next year. I have an experience with traditional downhill skiing but not much on touring side. I am looking for a good pair of lightweight skis. What would be your recommendation? Thanks.


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