Mike Thurber

Age: 30 | Vitals: 5’10”, 170 lbs. | Current Residence: Santa Fe, New Mexico

I grew up in Orgeon, and until I moved to the desert of northern New Mexico, most of my life revolved around playing in or on some type of water. There were river trips as a kid; turning pro at 16 (rowing baggage boats for a commercial outfitter); becoming a burger-flipping snowboarder after high school; then a kayaker and river guide in college; and an itinerant ski bum and bad-ass ski lodge receptionist at Alta after graduation.

Mike Thurber, Alaska.
Mike Thurber, Alaska.

I currently reside in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where I run the outdoor program for a small great books school, St. John’s College. When I’m not taking students out climbing, rafting, hiking, or skiing, I try to spend as much of my time as I can playing outside. These days, it’s mostly mountain biking and skiing.

Generally speaking, I prefer outings which allow me to travel a long way and see a lot of country. As a result, you won’t find me inbounds nearly as often as you’ll find me up before work, skinning up our local hill to watch the sunrise, and beating the lift-riders to the first fresh lines after the storm. Buuuut, Taos Ski Valley is a pretty magical place with 16″ of fresh, and I’m not likely to pass on a day of getting the crap scared out of me in West Basin with the Blister crew when it’s deep.

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