Nick Gottlieb

Age: 26 | Vitals: 5’10” 160 lbs | Years Paddling: 15 | Current Residence: Logan, UT

I grew up in New York and cut my teeth on the Housatonic and Deerfield rivers, before attending Dartmouth College in New Hampshire and beginning to travel regularly for paddling.

Nick Gottlieb reviews the Waka/Bliss-stick Tuna for Blister Gear Review
Nick Gottlieb in the Bliss-stick Tuna, Milton Falls, VT. (photo: Tom Neilson)

I’ve paddled all over North and South America, on everything from 20-day raft trips to class V self-supports, but you’ll find me paddling upstream on my local class II run as often as you will on the nearest class V.

I split my time between being a web developer and an adventure photographer & writer, and typically spend at least half the year on the road—though I’ve been enjoying exploring my new home of Utah.

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