Runner Profile: Luke Koppa

Vitals: 5’8″, 155 lbs

Running Background, Style, and General Preferences

I grew up with running being a way to stay in shape for sports like soccer and rugby, and now that I’m a few years separated from those sports, I’ve transitioned to running mostly for fun. However, those sports did leave me with an appreciation for shoes with more neutral heel / toe drops, and I prefer shoes in the 0-6 mm range to accommodate a mid-to-forefoot strike.

I mostly run on the rocky, sandy trails surrounding my house in Fort Collins, Colorado, and love the challenge of more technical trails. Most of my runs tend to be between 5-7 miles, but I enjoy increasing that distance when I have the time.

Finally, I tend to prefer shoes with thicker, more-cushioned midsoles, since I’ve had issues with foot numbness with more minimal shoes in the past.

Luke Koppa — Blister Profile
Luke Koppa, Torrey’s Peak, CO.

Click here for more info on my background and skiing preferences.

Some shoes I’ve clicked with:

Altra Olympus 3.0, Hoka Speedgoat 2, and Hoka Clifton

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