Tasha Heilweil

Age: 20 | Vitals: 5’2” 125 lbs. | Years skiing: 16 | Years biking: 7 | Current residence: Colorado Springs, CO & Salt Lake City, UT

When I was 4 years old my parents started dragging me up to Alta. It took a while before I really got excited about sliding down snow, but within a few years, I was hooked.

My parents passed along their “work hard, play harder” attitude to me by letting me skip school every powder day – as long as I was doing well in my classes.

I basically grew up at Alta, chasing the “grom squad” around after class, and exploring the Wasatch backcountry with my parents. Throughout high school I competed in freeride skiing events across the western US and Canada. I made amazing friends at ski comps, and it’s great being able to now go almost anywhere and meet up with local shredders.

Tasha Heilweil Blister Gear Review Bio
Tasha Heilweil at Crystal Mountain Resort.

Biking also became a huge part of my life in high school. I raced XC for a bit before moving to Colorado Springs for college. Here I continued to race, but more importantly, discovered that Park City had given me a false sense of bike-handling adequacy, and I had a lot of work to do.

Tasha Heilweil Blister Gear Review Bio
Tasha Heilweil on Extended Ridge Trail, Durango, CO.

During the past few years I’ve switched from lycra to baggies and focused on technical, all-mountain riding. Charging down roots and rocks is my favorite, but fellow Blister reviewer Xan Marshland has made sure I spend my fair share of time in the air and on frustratingly technical climbs.

Tasha Heilweil Blister Gear Review Bio
Tasha Heilweil on Hog Heaven, Sedona, UT.

I try to ski and bike as much as possible during school, which is why I chose to pursue a neuroscience undergrad degree (cough). When I’m not stuck in lab, I try to take advantage of the amazing places I call home and get out on short bike and ski trips.

Some Favorite Ski Gear:

12/13 Blizzard Cochise, Lange 120 RS SC boots

Some Favorite Bike Gear:

Maxxis High Roller IIs, Osprey packs, Rockshox suspension and Reverb, Stan’s sealant

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