Zachary Eannarino

Age: 28 | Vitals: 6’2”, 185 lbs. | Years Climbing: 10 | Current Residence: Santa Fe, New Mexico

I didn’t start climbing until I was 18, when my best friend with whom I competed at everything decided to give it a go. We began outside with very little instruction on cheap and / or borrowed gear. Basically, I’m lucky to be alive.

But even after all the ignorant mistakes I’ve made and terrible falls I’ve taken, I’m still at it and I love to climb.

Zachary Eannarino, Blister Gear Review

I would call myself a boulderer, first and foremost. I love the strength and technique of bouldering as well as the social aspect, but I also sport climb and trad climb. I don’t care if a climb is slab or overhung; if it looks interesting, I want to climb it. (Though I admit I’m better on overhangs then slab.) I also try to get in 2-3 days a week at the climbing gym to stay in shape.

I don’t like to drop grades (mostly because my friends all climb harder than me) but I guess I should give you some point of reference: I boulder V7-V8, and project V9- V10. I sport climb in the 5.12s and trad climb 5.11s.

In addition to climbing, I mountain bike, road bike, chase my wife on telemark skis, and generally just love being outside.

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