Blister Summit Panel: How to Start & Grow a Brand in the Outdoor Industry

The founders of Black Crows (Camille Jaccoux), Flylow (Dan Abrams), Icelantic (Ben Anderson), and WNDR Alpine (Matt Sterbenz) share their experiences and offer their advice on how to start — and continue to grow — a brand in the outdoor industry.

  • Topics & introductions 00:00​
  • Starting with a clearly defined vision vs. just jumping in? 02:00​
  • Talk about a risky decision you made & how it worked out? 21:00​
  • When to stay focused vs. when to expand? 35:25​
  • Opportunities that exist for smaller brands 01:01:07​
  • Business sustainability 1:07:24​
  • Becoming a more inclusive industry 1:19:56​
  • How do you stay inspired to keep going? 1:40:45
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