Blister Summit: What, When, & How to Join



  • Meet company founders, CEOs, product designers, athletes, & artists
  • Check out BLISTER HQ
  • Meet Blister reviewers like Luke Koppa, Jonathan Ellsworth, Kristin Sinnott, Sam Shaheen, Eric Freson, Kara Williard, Drew Kelly, Sasha Anastas, & Dylan Wood
  • View a selection of Blizzard, Tecnica, Flylow, Atomic, Black Crows, and Lange products


We will be holding two Summit Events:

Summit A (February 18-22, 2021) | Summit B (February 22-26, 2021)


Due to COVID restrictions, we will be dividing each Summit up into smaller groups in accordance with County guidelines. All in-person events will be outdoors with mandatory mask wearing and social distancing. Panel sessions will be virtual but interactive.


If the event is canceled for any reason, attendees will be issued a full refund.

If you are required to cancel your reservation due to COVID-19 illness or exposure, please email us as soon as possible so that we can try to fill your spot. We will issue a full refund under these conditions.

If a travel ban is implemented that restricts travel to or from your place of origin, we will request the updated government mandate for verification, and we will issue a refund.


  • Register here ASAP to secure a spot for this inaugural Blister Summit!
  • The cost per Summit is $350
  • If you sign up soon, your Summit registration will include 1 or more backcountry sessions with an Irwin Guide
  • You’ll also receive a mask from Outdoor Research; a Flylow t-shirt with our Blister Summit logo (created by the artist John Fellows); and a gogglesoc, which Jonathan has described as “pound for pound, the greatest ski product in the history of the world.”


Of course, please shoot us an email and we will be happy to answer your questions.

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11 comments on “Blister Summit: What, When, & How to Join”

  1. I know this event will be a blast, sorry to miss it, perhaps next year. It will be really really interesting to see how Blister sets up the context for reviews by skiing “enthusiasts”. I am sure we will get more differentiation in regards to what a ski does and who it suits than from the likes of Freeskier.

    • “It will be really really interesting to see how Blister sets up the context for reviews by skiing “enthusiasts”.’

      This has been a really fun and interesting exercise: to create the simplest, clearest, and most concise series of questions that will draw out the most meaningful answers possible from skiers of all ability levels, and from people who might not have been on very many skis before.

      Also, at the opening welcome session, I’m going to be talking more specifically about our own process of evaluating products, sharing our approach.

      I strongly believe that participant feedback will create a very interesting and useful complement to our own standard Blister reviews — see where participant consensus is in alignment with our take on a given ski, and where it isn’t. And I think our community will find that really useful, too.

      Of course, anyone coming to the Summit doesn’t *have* to offer any feedback if they don’t wish to, but I think the majority of people will find this really fun and interesting. We’re excited about it.

      • You are doing a really good job of making me feel even worse about not being able to get there this year Jonathan! Love this idea of talking through the eval process. Suspect that will open minds on how to think about and assess skis. Some of that comes out through reading your reviews of course and I do find I think about the ski experience differently now but no doubt this would take it to the next level. Great idea and just be sure to improve and repeat next year when I hope Covid will not prevent me attending!!

  2. Just wondering, is there any possibility of a virtual-only attendance for any of the opening remarks, speakers, and panel discussions? I am not currently interested in traveling for reasons related to the pandemic, but would be interested in attending any virtual sessions if they’re already set up for that. Naturally, I had to make this inquiry last minute to be the biggest possible thorn-in-your-side, so no worries if that’s not in the cards!

    Hope everything goes smoothly for this year, bummed to miss it but I’ll try to attend the next one!

    • The entire event is based out of Elevation Hotel & Spa in Mt. Crested Butte (where our Blister HQ is located), so Elevation will be the most convenient spot to stay.

  3. Hello.
    I saw your review of the. Line Blade ski and would like to know if you need to size down on this ski.
    I’m 190cm tall and weigh 88 kilos. What size would you recommend?
    As a former snowboarder I tend to be attracted to unusual skis.
    Many thanks

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