Tof Henry — “Born in Chamonix”

It’s no secret that Chamonix has some of the most technical and famous skiing routes in the world, so what happens when someone is born, raised, and learns to ski there?

In this case, that looks like Tof Henry, a Cham local and exceptional big-mountain skier.

He recently released his two-year project, “Born in Chamonix,” which highlights his childhood, perspective on skiing, and several notable descents.

The thing that sets Tof apart from the many steep skiers that have put down tracks in Cham is Tof’s preference for skiing extremely technical, steep lines with a more “freeride” approach. He isn’t content to simply hop-turn his way down a face — he wants to ski it fast, make big GS turns, and actually enjoy the skiing on the way down.

As a result, Born in Chamonix is equal parts technical ski-mountaineering and big-mountain freeriding. As someone who’s very interested in both of those aspects of skiing, this film was really intriguing, and I’d highly recommend giving it a watch below.

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Tof Henry — “Born in Chamonix”, BLISTER Tof Henry — “Born in Chamonix”, BLISTER

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