Alta – Parting Shots

The end of the season at Alta is always a good time. It can also be sort of confusing.

Each season ends with a most excellent Highboy party, where you will see things like this:

Alta Ski Area, Blister Gear Review


Look closer:


Highboy Party at Alta Ski Area, Blister Gear Review

But then there’s often a second Highboy party. And this year, there was Highboy III…. Long and short, there are lots of parties around here in the spring. But there was also some really good spring skiing to be had, so while everybody else was busy celebrating and rocking awesome outfits, we were busy wrapping up some ski testing.

OK, well, that’s not entirely true. BLISTER reviewer Stella Selden managed to do both:

Stella Selden, Alta Ski Area, Blister Gear Review
BLISTER + HIGHBOY = a Cape-Wielding, Duck-Walking, Ski-Reviewing Kangaroo.

But this past weekend was the final final weekend (and party) at Alta, and 8″ of new snow had rolled in by Saturday morning. The terrain around Collins and the Wildcat chair was skiing great, and we figured we’d share some parting shots from a gorgeous closing weekend.

(Click on images to enlarge.)


Jason Hutchins, Alta Ski Area, Blister Gear Review
Jason Hutchins, Alta Ski Area.


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  1. That Lexi Dowdall chick looks like a ripper. Also, we need pictures of the photog attempting shifties.

    Great season!

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