Blister Buyer’s Guide

2015-2016 Blister Gear Review Buyer's Guide
Skier: Blister reviewer Paul Forward / Photographer: Cam Mcleod

We’ve built a better Buyer’s Guide.


By spending far more time on snow testing skis, boots, bindings, outerwear, etc., than any other publication in the world.

Other magazines only spend a few days a year testing products, and each tester only puts a run or two on the skis. But it’s impossible to learn how a ski really performs in just a run or two.

At Blister, we spend every single month testing ski gear—first in the northern hemisphere, then in the southern hemisphere.

And we don’t just have our reviewers take a run or two on a ski. We spend multiple days in a wide range of conditions on every single product we review, no exceptions. That’s why our reviews are so in-depth and accurate.

(Honest question: If the other publications truly wanted to provide you with the best information possible, how come they only test product for a few days a year?)

Equally important: we do not take any money from the companies we review. Companies can’t pay their way into our guide, and we don’t allow them to advertise in our buyer’s guide or on our website. That’s why Blister is different.

Like you, we hate to be misled about expensive equipment, so we’re committed to telling the truth about it. If the new version of a product isn’t as good as the old one, we’ll tell you. That doesn’t happen in the other buyer’s guides—the new stuff is always better than the old stuff, because you sure don’t want to upset your advertisers, right?

Blister’s Winter Buyer’s Guide is the most accurate, most useful, least insulting-to-your-intelligence Buyer’s Guide that the ski industry has ever seen, and that you have ever read.


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