Blister Heads Northwest

Spring has most definitely sprung here in North America, with the changing seasons comes the customary Gaper Days and closing weekend shenanigans.

Jonathan Ellsworth kept things pretty classy down in New Mexico with jeans, spread eagles, and a cat tank top…

Jonathan Ellsworth Deep Dive J Skis the Metal for Blister Gear Review
(photo by Warren Caldwell)

While I went back to my roots with snowblades, daffys, and a near apocalyptic sunburn.

Blister Goes Northwest
Cy Whitling, still lobbying for Blister to do snowblade reviews. (photo by Patrick Shehan)

But there is still plenty of skiing to be had, and we’ve got plenty of work still to do. So while our friends and fellow reviewers turn to bikes and climbing gear, we are heading to the Pacific Northwest, where we will walk through rainforests, hike up volcanoes, high five some hipsters (do hipsters high five?), go on some iconic ski tours, visit some ski areas, and bang out some more chair laps.

We’ll have my car named “Freja,” and she’s going to be packed full with, among other things:

• Rossignol’s new Soul 7 HD

• K2’s new asymmetrical Marksman

• G3’s updated ION 12 binding

• Line’s new Supernatural 86

• Blizzard’s Zero G 95

• New Skis from ON3P: Wrenegade 88, 98, and 108; Kartel 98 and 108; Steeple 98

• New outerwear from FlyLow

• New outerwear from Strafe

• New Baselayers from Mons Royale, Ibex, Patagonia, and Arc’teryx

• New Helmets (Salomon), new touring gloves (Hestra)

• And more…

This is definitely going to be one of those situations where the gear inside the car is worth much, much more than the car itself.

Blister Goes Northwest
If you see this car around Mt. Hood or Bend, please don’t break into it. Cy can’t stand guard all day.

I’m already on the road, driving (right now) from Cooke City, Montana, to Seattle to meet up with David Steele for (weather permitting) a ski tour up Mt. Olympus. Then on Wednesday, I pick Jonathan up in Portland.

Like most adventures, our trip itinerary is a little in flux, but we’ll keep you posted via Trip Reports and Flash Reviews, Deep Dives and 2nd Looks. And if you’ll be in the general vicinity, maybe we can meet up for dinner or a drink. Just look for a tiny Scion roaming around Washington and Oregon with a big Blister sticker and way too much gear.

Stay tuned…


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11 comments on “Blister Heads Northwest”

  1. Hey,

    If you get a chance come up here to Winthrop WA for some spring touring. We actually still have a little snow left. If you are really nice I might also let you try my BMT 94’s!

  2. Please tell me you’re going to head north a little to tour Adams (just across the river from Hood) and maybe Rainier and Baker while you’re in the area?! And there’s so much fun to be had on days off around there… the breweries, tasting rooms and pubs are worth a trip report of their own… And if you guys spend any time in Hood River, I predict Blister wind / kite surfing gear reviews spike in the near term… Have a Fresh Squeezed IPA at Deschutes for me – looking forward to the reviews!

  3. Conditions are pretty prime time on Mt. Shasta and Mt. Lassen right now if you dip into Northern Cali. (Shasta is about 3 hours drive south of Bend).

  4. Hey Jonathan, hope things are going well on the trip so far. Any idea when you will have a Wren 108 review up. Trying to decide between this, the SN 108, and the Devastator, and looking at spring sales unless the right answer is the Wren.

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