Blister Heads South—New Zealand

New Zealand, Blister Gear review.
Mt. Olympus (

We’re switching things up.

And there’s no denying it, Blister’s annual review trip to the southern hemisphere this year has a whole lot to do with our bucket list.

We’ve been dreaming of skiing the club fields of New Zealand for a long time.

Gorgeous views, great terrain, few frills.

So in eight days, we’re leaving for New Zealand.

We already know what skis and snowboards and packs and boots and outerwear and helmets and goggles we’re bringing with us to review. Over the coming days, we’ll roll out the skis we’re taking, and explain why we selected the ones we did.

But we’re leaving our itinerary a bit open-ended, giving ourselves the flexibility to make some last minute decisions once we’re down there.

Truth is, these August review trips require a massive amount of planning and endless logistics.

And this time, we just want to go chase snow and see what skiing on the south island of New Zealand is all about.

We’ll visit those places we’ve heard so much about that we’ve started to dream of them. Places like Craigieburn. Mount Olympus. Others.

This is more than a review trip, this is a pilgrimage.

Stay tuned.

5 comments on “Blister Heads South—New Zealand”

  1. It hasn’t snowed in ages, but the forecast is looking good :-)
    You sound like you’ll be bringing exactly the right attitude, which means you’ll have a blast at the clubbies.
    See you at Craigieburn

  2. Forget Wanaka, see you at the clubbies. Will look out for you, things are skiing well now, but some more fresh will see it right. Come stop by Gnomes in darfield if you need some work done.

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