Blister’s 2013 Holiday Gift Guide

Christmas is just around the corner, and there’s probably a good chance that you’re still looking for one or two gifts for some active people in your life.

So we asked our crew for some gift suggestions for last-minute shoppers. The answers ranged from $10 socks to $1000 boats, so there should be something for everyone in here. First up, stocking stuffers.



Will Brown’s Pick: Avalon7 Facemask, $19.95

Facemasks are great to have both on storm days when you’re fighting wind chill and on sunny days as basic sun protection. Avalon7 masks and neck tubes are made out of a perforated, stretchy material that’s warmer and more breathable than your old fleece Turtle-fur or even thin synthetic fabrics. (Review to come.)

Holiday Gift Guide, Blister Gear Review.


Jonathan Ellsworth’s Pick: Mons Royale Boxers, $55

Soft wool boxers. They look great, they feel great. These will be your new favorites.

Holiday Gift Guide, Blister Gear Review.


Julia Van Raalte’s Pick: Darn Tough Over-the-Calf Ultralight Socks, $25

These socks have been my go-to pair for the last three seasons. I haven’t yet found another pair that’s as thin yet still durable. While they have yet to show any signs of wear, I’m asking for one more pair for Christmas so I can still wear them while the others are in the laundry. (Review to come.)

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Thomas Collier’s Pick: Xpedo Spry Pedals, $79

Weighing 260g, these pedals are light, wide, thin (106x100x11 mm), and a bit concave. That plus the affordable price, and you have a true winner. Awesome for anyone who rides flats on a trail bike. (Review to come.)

Holiday Gift Guide, Blister Gear Review.


Stella Selden’s PickIcebreaker Unisex Flexi Chute Neck Warmer, $25

I’d recommend the Icebreaker Unisex Flexi Chute Neck Warmer. This is a simple, inexpensive item that protects your face well from the sun, wind, and cold. It is very thin and lightweight, but it’s also warm, windproof, and fast drying.

Holiday Gift Guide, Blister Gear Review.


Dana Allen’s Pick: Discovery Trekking Outfitters Extreme Ultralite Towel, ~ $20 (size dependent)

This towel is better than most products with “extreme” in the name. Made from Polartech PowerDry fabric, these little towels are light, remarkably absorbent, super soft next to your skin, and also available in full-size 34″x58″.

Holiday Gift Guide, Blister Gear Review.

Will Brown’s Pick: Arcade Belts, ~$25
Arcade makes flexible, stretchy belts that we’ve found way more comfortable than your average synthetic web or classic leather belt—on or off the mountain.
Holiday Gift Guide, Blister Gear Reiew.

Matt Zia’s Pick: CAMP Photon Wiregate carabiner, $8

This is the lightest full-size carabiner in the world. The Wiregate has smooth gate action, it makes clipping easy even when I’m wearing gloves, and it has a big rope-bearing surface to reduce drag. (Review to come.)

Holiday Gift Guide, Blister gear Review.

Jane Koopman’s Pick: NRS Maverick Gloves, $43
Like a second skin, these gloves will keep your paws toasty, without sacrificing dexterity during those cooler days on the water.
Holiday Gift Guide, Blister Gear Review.



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  1. Love my melanzana hoody! Nice to see it get a shout out, almost never take mine off in the winte. Exceptional layer and yeah, super comfy.

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