Breaking News from SIA – The Karaoke Chalice is Missing!!!

The Most Shocking Thing to Ever Happen at SIA, Has Happened.

In short, the Karaoke Chalice is missing, and it seems to be painting the town red.

A few years ago, the crews from Armada, Icelantic, and Moment Skis started a tradition. Each year at SIA, there would be a Karaoke contest among these indie ski manufacturers, and the winning team would receive and keep the Karaoke Chalice till the next SIA.

This year, Moment Skis won the competition with an inspiring (by which I mean “drunken”) rendition of We Are The World. Moment’s vice president, Luke Jacobson, was thrilled with his team’s victory:

“Do you have any idea how many verses We Are the World has??? It takes like six hours to get through that song! We absolutely earned the win.”

The following morning, the Karaoke Chalice was on proud display at Moment’s SIA booth at the Colorado Convention Center in downtown Denver.

Till it wasn’t.

The Chalice went missing.

And it’s still missing.

It’s still unknown whether someone has taken the Chalice, or whether the Chalice simply decided that it would no longer be confined to whichever ski factory happened to suck the least at karaoke on some particular night of SIA.

Pictures of the Chalice have begun to surface on Instagram under the handle: the_wandering_chalice

SIA karaoke chalice, Blister Gear Review
The Karaoke Chalice

And as you can see from his stern words above, Luke Jacobson isn’t at all amused.

We haven’t yet been able to reach Luke for comment, and we did not see him this morning at the Convention Center (we presume he was out searching high and low for the Chalice) but it is clear that he either intends to murder the wayward Chalice, or he believes that the Chalice has been abducted and he intends to settle the score with the Chalice-nappers.

In any event, it appears that the Chalice is having the time of its life:

SIA 2014, karaoke chalice, Blister Gear Review
Like it’s 1999.

Our hearts certainly go out to Luke and the guys at Moment.

And while we hope to see the Karaoke Chalice safely returned to them, we can’t wait to see where the Chalice might pop up next.

We urge you to follow the_wandering_chalice on Instagram, spread the word, and contact us if you have knowledge of its whereabouts. Because,


There comes a time

When we heed a certain call

When the world must come

Together as One.


Let’s find that Karaoke Chalice.

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