Introducing: New Blister Membership & Services

Four and a half years ago, we founded Blister with a mission: to provide the most honest and in-depth reviews in the outdoor industry, to create a place where our fellow skiers, bikers, backpackers, climbers, and boaters could gain essential insight into products before purchasing.

And today, we’re pleased to announce four new ways to provide more value to Blister readers.

These are also four new avenues that will ensure that Blister is able to maintain its fiercely independent stance — we’ve never taken any money from any of the companies that we review, and we never want to.


Because when you really get down to it, review publications will ultimately take one of two paths: serving their readers, or serving the companies that pay their bills. Look around at most Buyer’s Guides and review sites, and it should be obvious which path most of the review world has taken.

The entire reason we started Blister was to go the other way: to provide the most in-depth, accurate, and useful reviews to people who are passionate about the outdoors.

We committed to creating a genuinely useful resource. We gave each product the time it deserved. We promised to never bullshit you.

We still hold those same standards today, and we’re excited to announce four new offerings that will allow us to level up every single thing we do around here: from testing more of the equipment you care about the most, to offering even more useful, detailed comparisons of the products that you’re looking to buy, to guaranteeing timely replies to your questions on the site.

To that end, we’re introducing:


  • Blister Deep Dive: we’re devoting even more time and resources to creating in-depth comparisons of the products you’re thinking about purchasing.
  • Blister Membership: You’ll receive a copy of our Buyer’s Guide, access to the Blister Deep Dive comparisons, guaranteed, quick replies to your questions on the site, and exclusive deals on some very cool products and services.
  • Blister Premier: Get on the phone with Blister reviewers to sort out your gear questions.


We’re excited about each of these, and we’re confident that you’re going to find them valuable. So check them out, and pick the one that’s best for you.

We want Blister to remain as independent and straight up as it’s ever been, while making Blister better and more useful than ever before.


Check out the Blister Buyer’s Guide, Blister Deep Dive, Blister Membership, and Blister Premier


5 comments on “Introducing: New Blister Membership & Services”

  1. Really impressed with the honest insight into the wide range of equipment available on the market today and being able to wade through and pick between the gimmicks and the true mountain equipment made to handle being out there doing it day in day out.
    Also a fan of the fact that it is also independent of the companies that would have you rate their equipment more highly just so that you buy into it.
    Look forward to every update and review.


  2. Great reviews! I esp. like the range of skis you cover, I teach Alpine and Telemark, as well as plenty of back country. I would like to see you cover some Telemark equipment by the way.

    Thanks, John

  3. Along the way how about a review on the Slokker helmet/visor. Tried one on and found the fit to be outstanding and the lenses very good.

    Overall I find your reviews to be upfront and honest, what you think and feel. Much appreciated.
    Thank you.

  4. Keep up the great work.
    I found your evaluations very informative and will refer to them for all future purchase considerations.

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