Niseko Trip Update: Sushi, Skiing, and a lot more Snow

We’re more than halfway through our trip, and as the title suggests, there have been a few consistent themes.

Here are twelve of Ryan Heffernan‘s photographs that help tell the story.

(As always, click on images to enlarge.)


4frnt Hoji, DPS Lotus 138, and the Line Influence 115, Niseko, Japan.

The daily question: 'What are you skiing today?'

Blister Gear Review in Niseko, Japan.
Lone tree in white, Niseko, Japan.

White: the official color of Niseko.

Night skiing, Niseko Grand Hirafu.

Night. (Niseko Grand Hirafu)

Skiing in Niseko, Japan. Blister Gear Review

Occasionally, Bright. (Niseko Village)

Blister Gear Review, dining in Niseko.

'Soy Roll, Anyone?' Our friend Tom met up with us in Niseko. This is Tom realizing that he had mistakenly ordered 64 soy rolls—for himself. (Bonus material: the poster in the background.)

Blister Gear Review crew, Niseko.

A snow removal mission on the roof turned into an impromptu aerials session.

Blister Gear Revew, Niseko, Japan.

View of our front yard, from the balcony, with occasional falling objects.

Andrew Gregovich, on the Praxis Protest, Niseko, Japan.

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming....(Andrew Gregovich, Niseko Hanazono.)

The trees of Niseko, with Yotei-Zan in the distance.

The Birch trees of Niseko, with Yotei-Zan in the distance.

Niseko, Japan.

Ace Pair Lift, Niseko Grand Hirafu.

Blister Gear Review helmet sticker, Niseko, Japan.

It’s been an incredible trip so far, and we are far from done. More skiing, more reviews, more photos, and a promise to show you the most mind-blowing chocolate and ice cream sandwich invention we’ve ever seen. Stay tuned.

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  1. The amount of snow in these photos is amazing. Love the photos and the story behind them. Looks like it can’t get much better than Niseko as far as skiing goes – now I want to go too! Enjoy yourselves

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