(photograph by Tom Bear)


On Wednesday, January 25th, Blister Gear Review turns one year old.

It’s been an amazing first year, and we want to thank all of you for your support.

As our Manifesto made clear from day one, we believed that things in the industry badly needed to change. There was too much hype, too little honesty. And we wagered that there were many others out there who felt the same way.

We were right.

We consistently draw readers from more than a hundred countries, people who love the mountains as much as we do, and who want to be sure that they’re identifying the gear that will suit them best.

We’ve also learned that this is a very generous community. I’ve received so many offers of a place to crash—from so many people in so many different states and countries—that I’m thinking of becoming a full time couch surfer.

The first year was great. And I promise you, Year Two is going to be better.

To prove it, we thought we’d start with a bang:

Pillows and Trees.
More than a dozen skis from this season, and next.

Right on the heels of SIA, we’re taking a team of five to Hokkaido, Japan, and setting up camp for two and a half weeks at Black Diamond Lodge in Niseko, Japan.

If you don’t know Niseko, you should. Niseko receives an annual average of 16 meters of snow, second most of any resort on earth.

But it’s not just about the quantity, it’s also the quality. Niseko has some of the lightest, driest powder in the world.

Tomorrow, we’ll start to roll out the skis that’ll be making the trip with us.

(Hint: it’s all pretty fat and very cool.)



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