A Little Taos Stoke

It’s been an interesting winter, to say the least.

Weather patterns have been weird; Mother Nature has been kind to some, and harsh to others. While certain areas have been praying for snow, other areas have been praying for the snow to STOP.

But to our friends around the country who haven’t seen as much snow as they’d like, we want to share a little of our own good fortune, encourage you to be patient, and remind you that it is always worth the wait. We’ll show you our pictures now, on the promise that you’ll show us yours when the time comes. Fair is fair.

It’s been yet another amazing week at Taos. To be there in this snow and wind and sun and light was to be in awe, and to count yourself among the grateful. Thankfully, our good friend and exceptional photographer, Ryan Heffernan, was once again here to capture it. We hope you enjoy.

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Taos Ski Valley
The view from the top of Lift 2, Taos Ski Valley.


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