2011-2012 MOMENT PB&J, 188cm

We like competition around here, so we figured we’d spark a little in the one-ski quiver category. Like the Volkl Bridge, MOMENT designed the PB&J to feel at home in all conditions—on the hardpack, in the park, and up to the knees in pow. But the Bridge and the PB&J approach these these aims differently.

2011-2012 MOMENT PB&J, 188cm, BLISTER
2011-2012 MOMENT PB&J

With the success of their “mustache rocker” design in other models (tip and tail rocker + regular camber underfoot), MOMENT has applied the same principles to a narrower platform with the PB&J (129-101-121). In contrast, the Volkl Bridge runs a full rocker profile, with no camber underfoot. So which design holds an edge better, floats better, slides better? Let’s find out.

With a width underfoot slightly wider than what you might consider a “typical” all-mountain ski, we’re eager to examine MOMENT’s take on the one-ski quiver.

And with the PB&J, we wrap up our selections. We’ve got our 8 skis, the previews are over. No more speculation. It’ll take three flights and a three hundred mile bus ride, but it’s time to get our subjects to the Andes mountains. Then, on Sunday morning, it all begins. We’ll be posting review updates every day, so be sure to keep checking in with us.

(Told you this was going to get good.)



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