2011-2012 Völkl Katana, 191cm

If the MOMENT Bibby Special looks nasty, the new 2011-2012 Völkl Katana looks…Ready. It’s gorgeous, it’s burly, and it’s got a flat tail that makes you think, ‘This thing is going to have no speed limit whatsoever.’

2011-2012 Völkl Katana, 191cm, BLISTER
2011-2012 Volkl Katana, 191cm

Unchanged the last two seasons, the Katana has undergone some tweaks for the 2011-12 season. A move back to Völkl’s German production headquarters and a re-tooled design (with input from rider Ian McIntosh) means this year’s version of the ski is set to make a statement among big mountain boards. It looks like a very serious, big mountain weapon, born from a racing pedigree. (Maybe because that’s exactly what it is….)


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