2013-2014 LINE Influence 115

Jonathan Ellsworth reviews the Line Influence 115, Blister Gear Review
13/14 Line Influence 115

Ski: 2013-2014 Line Influence 115, 186cm

Dimensions (mm): 145-115-131

Turn Radius: 22.6 meters

Actual Tip-to-Tail Length (Straight Tape Pull): 182.4 cm

Weight Per Ski: 2328 grams / 5.1 pounds

Boots / Binding: Lange RX 130 / Marker Jester (DIN) 10

Mount Location: Factory Recommended

Test Location: Niseko, Japan

Days Skied: 5

[Editor’s Note: Our review was conducted on the 12/13 Influence 115, which is unchanged for 13/14, except for the graphics.]

Last December, I wrote in my review of the 11/12 Line Influence 115 that I was really surprised by—and very much liked—the ride quality of the Influence 115.

Fast forward six weeks, and I’m in Niseko, Japan, skiing the new 12/13 Influence 115 that has just been unveiled at SIA.

The 12/13 Influence 115 returns again with black bases and a black topsheet, but the similarities pretty much end there, and the differences between the two skis are not subtle.

My conclusions?

(1) I prefer the 11/12 version of the Influence 115.

(2) I am confident that I will be in the minority on this one, and that the 12/13 Influence 115 will appeal to more skiers.

Here’s why.

The 12/13 Influence 115 is lighter, surfier, less damp, and more playful than the 11/12 model. In short, it’s totally different.

Construction Changes:

• Line has cut nearly a centimeter of width off the tip, and more than a centimeter off the tail.

11/12 Influence 115 = 153-115-142mm

12/13 Influence 115 = 145-115-131mm

The 12/13 has a beautiful tip profile, and the action of the ski is very smooth, nothing grabby or abrupt about driving this ski. (Not that I found those qualities in the 11/12 Influence, but still, the action feels especially smooth on the 12/13.)

• The sandwich sidewall construction of the 11/12 has been altered to a semi-cap (CapWall) construction that blends sandwich construction underfoot with cap construction at the tips and tails, reducing the overall weight of the ski and improving swing weight.

• The “metal matrix” that is visible on the top of the 11/12 Influence 115 has now been pocketed into the core of the ski, and Line is also using thinner titanal strips.

• The binding mat was also pocketed. Binding mats don’t get discussed often, but here’s how Line Skis engineer Jed Yeiser explained the change:

“Companies don’t normally talk about binding mats, and most consumers don’t know they exist. The long and short of it is that we reinforce the region of the ski where bindings are mounted with a bit of extra fiberglass to keep binding screws where they belong. Most skis will have this region of extra glass across their entire width. By pocketing the binding mat, we were able to use the minimum amount of material possible, and we cut about 70% out of the binding mat that was previously there, which made a huge difference.”

That, plus the reduction of material in the tip and tail, plus the CapWall construction, plus the thinner titanal strips equals a much lighter ski.

• Tail rocker has been added.

More On That Weight…

The 12/13 Influence 115 feels so much lighter than the 11/12, that frankly, the new 115 didn’t really feel like it had metal in it at all. Granted, I’ve been skiing some fairly burly skis recently (including the 191 Volkl Katana, the 191 ON3P Billy Goat, 190 Moment Bibby Pro, 187 Moment Belafonte, and the 190 Rossignol Squad 7), but the new Influence 115 is a pretty big departure from all of these skis in terms of stability and heft.

Hop on a truly playful ski, however, like the Line Mr. Pollard’s Opus, and the Influence 115 feels more solid by comparison.

On the 11/12 Influence, I skied more agressively and drove the shovels. The 12/13 Influence 115 responds better to a much more centered stance, anticipating bumps, popping the tops, and spending a good bit more time in the air in bumped up terrain.

Whether this is a good thing or bad thing comes down to your preference and style, but people who like a damp ski that will rage aren’t going to be replacing their 11/12 Influence 115s with the 12/13.

But serious question: how many skiers are looking to Line for a ski like that?

And furthermore, Line already offers a 90mm-, 98mm-, and 105mm-waisted ski in their Prophet and Influence series, all of which, I am prepared to believe (and hopefully soon will be able to confirm), are more solid and stable carvers. (As I mentioned in my 11/12 Influence 115 review, the old Prophet 90 was excellent at speed and in chop. Here’s hoping that the current 90 is at least close.)

Relevant anecdote: Last summer BLISTER reviewer Jason Hutchins was pretty sure he was going to go with the 11/12 Influence 115 for his backcountry ski. He went to a shop, picked one up, immediately set it back down, and left. It was way too heavy for what he was looking for. But the 12/13 version is lighter, and if it had existed a year ago, my hunch is that Jason would now own it.


The 11/12 Influence is good in pow, but the 12/13 is more fun, a much surfier, playful, feel.

Jonathan Ellsworth, Line Influence 115, Niseko Japan.
Jonathan Ellsworth, Mizuno no Sawa, Niseko Village.

Even though the Influence 115 is a very short 186 (actual tip-to-tail length is 182.4cm), I never experienced any tip dive in deep (but admittedly, light) pow, and the 12/13 felt like one of the easiest, most intuitive pow skis I’ve ridden in a while. They aren’t demanding at all, they can handle slow or fast speeds, and they never got weird or hooky, they are quick and, once again…smooth.

2012-2013 Line Influence 115 rocker profile, Blister Gear Review
Rocker Profile of the 2012-2013 Line Influence 115

But because these are so incredibly easy to ski, if this is going to be your pow ski, size up. The 12/13 Influence 115 skis short. Line will be offering a 192cm model, and I would take the extra length and wouldn’t worry for a second about a loss of quickness or maneuverability.

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  1. I loooove my 10/11 prophet 115’s……but at 6’3″ i started to cheer the new 192 length…..line was finally making big boy skis :)…….but alas….now it seems i still have to look else where……. ugh! Totally understand the wider apeal of tne new version and I’m all down for surfy rides but I was really looking for a longer “better” version of my current ski……..Bibby Pro….perhaps?

    • Yes, Bibby Pro – perhaps. The Bibby is definitely more ski – heavier, burlier. For me, at 5’10, 185, it’s a great balance of stability and playfulness. For one of our lighter reviewers, at least, the Bibby feels like a lot of ski, and so I’m guessing he might enjoy the 115s quite a bit. Different strokes….

      But again, if the 192 115 can dial up the stability a bit, then I would wager it would still be more playful than the Bibby. Might be a good fit for lots of folks.

  2. So… I love the Blizzard Cochise (185) as my daily driver, but like the idea of being a little more playful / surfy with a wider powder ski for those deeper days. Is the soft flex of the Influence 115 going to be just too completely different from the Cochise or will the simplicity of the way it skis make it easier to transition back and forth?

    Thanks for the review.

    • Interesting, JayT – I hadn’t thought of a Cochise / Influence 115 for a 2 ski quiver, but I could definitely see it, and at a place like Taos, I could really see it (especially a 185 Cochise and a 192 Influence).

      The 115 is certainly softer than the Cochise, but as I wrote, I don’t find the Cochise to be very stiff or demanding, which is also why I find it to be surprisingly stable. (Don’t know whether you feel the same way.) But to answer your primary question: I can’t imagine that you’d find it difficult at all to transition between the two skis.

  3. Is this a ski that can still go big air? Maybe even throw a little 3 or some quick 1’s in there. I’m comparing it to the opus, and I’ve come to realize that while I like to have a fun playful ski that I can throw around, I’d prefer to have a ski that handles groomers a little more than throwing tricks.

    How does this ski compare side to side with the opus? POW, groomers? Maybe a side country ski?

    And last I know the recommended mountig line is pretty far back, could I mount a few centimeters forward? Thanks!

    • Hi, Eric – apologies for the late reply, I don’t know how, but I managed to miss your question.

      Can the 115 go big? I’d say, Sure, but I wish I knew how much you weighed….

      The Opus and the 115 are not radically different; the Opus is a bit softer than the 115; the 115 is a more directional ski than the Opus. Again, not knowing your weight, I think the 115 would be pretty perfect for the occasional 3 and 1, though I doubt it is going to be world’s better than the Opus on groomers. The differences are not night and day. But from what you’re describing, it sounds like (1) you could certainly go with either, but (2) the 115 might be the slightly better fit.

      And as I wrote in my review, personally, at 5’10”, 185 lbs., I would love to ski the 115 in the 192 length, and I would mount at +1. At my size, I would not be tempted to go more than +1 if I was skiing the 186 115. I can’t really say a whole lot more than that.

      Let us know what you decide to do!

      • Im 5’8″ and weigh about 165lbs. I demoed the 178 opus and I really liked the length of those But they were a tad bit softer than what I was thinking they were going to be. And when I got up to high speeds I didnt feel the control as much. So I was thinking the Influence 115 might be a nice solution. But I did like how poppy the opus was when looking for fun jumps and terrrain. Will I just have to give up the poppyness for the stability of the 115? or give up some stability for the opus?

        • Good questions, Eric. But the stiffness of the Opus vs. the Influence isn’t night and day. These are not two entirely different beasts. You will dial up the stability of the Influence over the Opus, but the Influence isn’t some damp, purely directional charger. I didn’t get time on the Opus (damn it), but having talked about the Opus with Jason and Andrew, I think you’ll be happy with what the Influence brings to the table.

          • Sweet! Thats really helpful advice. I think Im going to demo them both on the same day this winter and figure it out from there. If they arent too much different I do lean towards the opus graphis =)

          • So Im about to pull the trigger on the Influence… But like I said I demoed the 178 Opus and I really did like the length of those a lot. At 5’8″ 165lbs, Im coming of 173 line blends. So Im getting a fatter and little longer ski, is the 179 a good option for me then? When I looked at the 186 they just looked big compared to what im used to.

  4. Im buying these 2013 influence 115s this fall and im wondering where to mount. Should I mount on recomended line or more forward? Im buying the 186 and im 150 lbs. I prob will not be demoing before buying.

  5. I should have given u more detail the first post. I do spins alot and I don’t ski swith very often, ill land switch sometimes but that’s it. As far as mounting point goes I want to mount for what is best for overall skiing performance. Spinning is fairly important to me but the performance of the ski while charging and tree skiing is most important to me. I will be using this ski to charge but also want it to be good all around the mountain and quick for trees, and for some east coast skiing but still using it out west alot too. What are the advantages and disadvantages of mounting on the line or mounting +1 other than its spinning and switch performance? If i mount +1, will this make the ski quicker and more versatile for all mountain and would this affect the way it skis because of moving the stance away from the middle of the sidecut? This will be my everyday ski for west coast and east coast so I will be using this for all kinds of conditions including plenty of hardpack.

    • For overall ski performance, I really liked the factory line. I think you could go +1 or +2 and still be totally fine on this ski – it really is intuitive, and the ski didn’t seem highly sensitive to mount position.

      Even though I thought the Influence skied short, I wasn’t getting tip dive, which would be my only concern with you going forward. Given that you’re 35 lbs. lighter than me, I highly doubt that this will be an issue.

      Honestly, I don’t think this ski NEEDS to be mounted forward to increase quickness; it’s already quick. Go forward for the swing weight, if at all.

      Bottom line: given that you say that spinning is important, I’d recommend +1 or +2, and I think you’ll dig these. Let us know!

      • Im in near the same situration at Pete, love spinning but dont really ride switch. Now the Opus is mounted at -2cm and I didnt get any tip tive when I demoed them and ive never read anything that said they dive (just a tad to soft for my liking). So in theory mounting maybe the influence +2 up shouldnt really be a big deal right? The influence and opus are somewhat close in dimentions (not the tail). Does That make sense? thanks for the help.

        • Yeah, Eric, it makes sense. My advice is basically the exact same to you as it is to Pete – you’re 20 lbs. lighter than me, I’m certain that you’ll be fine at +1, and I’m pretty confident that you’d be fine at +2. These are my best guesses for you, of course, but I stand by all the statements I’ve made about mount position w/r/t this ski. Let us know what route you end up going and how it works out.

  6. I’m thinking of getting the new 115’s, I currently ride the 2010 K2 Obsethed (105mm) and love this ski. Any ideas how the Influence would compare? I ride the Obsethed in 179 (which in reality is 183cm) and being only 5’5″ and 170lbs they could really tank.

    • Hi Greg – I’m not sure whether by “tank” you mean that you were getting tip dive, or whether you mean that they could really “truck” / charge through crud….

      I’ve never skied the Obsethed, so I’m afraid I can’t compare. But the 115 is smooth, super easy to ski, totally intuitive. I couldn’t charge on the 186cm 115, but I am super curious to ski the 192cm 115. It still wouldn’t charge as hard as say, the 190 Bibby Pro, but it would probably a bit quicker than the Bibby Pro….I hope to find out.

  7. Slighty OT, have you been on the 105’s? If so, how would you relate their stiffness to the SFB? How do they handle in moguls?

    • Unfortunately, Jeff, we haven’t skied the 105 yet. But I’d bet you $50 that the flex pattern isn’t radically different than the SFB’s. The SFB is a playful ski with a medium but progressive flex that feels really dialed. My hunch is that the Opus is to the 115 as the SFB is to the 105: SFB will be a touch softer; the 105 will be a bit more directional / less center mounted, but will not be a pure charger. This is all straight speculation, mind you, but I can’t really imagine that LINE would have departed radically with the 105. My biggest question is really just how stiff it is, and again, my hunch is…not much different than the SFB. Can’t wait to find out for sure.

  8. I would like to know if i’m better to go with the 115 or one of these: SFB, the gotama or the kung fujas. I know they are not all in the same categorie but in ski in Banff Alberta and i change terrain type a lot during the season. I need a ski that will let me enjoy powder, trees and fast speed as well as groomers and low speed when I ski with my girlfriend (3 days for myself for 1 day with her). Im 6’3 200lb and i ski around 70 days. I was looking at the 192 Influance since Line dont make the SFB longer then 184.

  9. I’m 5’11” 160, live in Crested Butte, and ski very aggressively (some of my ski buddies ski on the FWT) . Last season i was on the 185 atomic blog and thought it was one of the best skis i had been on. I loved how playful it was, nollies, ollies, butters, spins, flips and everything were super easy and it was super responsive in the steep tight trees we have here. It fell short in a few areas that are very important to me tho-it needed more backbone for big drops and on high speed chopped up runouts it got bucked around quite a bit.
    I have kung fujas as my park/everyday so my ski this year needs to fill a different spot in my quiver.
    will i find that the influence has enough backbone for the type of terrain i ski here, yet still be quick enough for our tight trees and playful enough for my liking? I am thinking about doing a couple big mtn comps so hardpack edge hold is important too. I like to ski fakie in pow a little…not to the extent that pollard does, but i do like to spin quite a bit so how is the swing weight?
    I have skied on jjs, bentchetlers, opus, obsethed and other similar skis, how does the new influence compare to any of those?
    should i go with 186 or 192 and go +2 or so for swing weight/playfulness?
    do you have any experience with the 186 RMU professor? I loved the apostles, so the professor is intriguing as a replacement option for the influence.

    • Hi, Grant – sorry for the delay. You wrote just as I was scrambling to pack for our Argentina trip and leave the next day.

      You’ve read my review I assume, so as you know, I don’t think that “high speed chopped up runouts” are this ski’s forte. Quick in trees? Absolutely. Fun? Absolutely. “Hardpack edge hold” ? Again, it’s not the quality of this ski that jumps out.

      How hard a ski “charges” is, of course, very subjective. So while I think this ski is quick enough and probably playful enough (though it is NOT as playful as the Opus, for what that’s worth), the more serious you are about the high speed chopped up runouts,” the less confidently I can tell you that this is your ski.

      You probably know that our friend Rob Dickinson is ripping the shit out of CB and the FWT on the Blizzard Cochise. But that ski won’t be as playful as you seem to want. You probably also know that our friend Tom Runcie is killing it on the 190 Bibby Pro, but that also may be less playful than you want….

      So bottom line, I think think the 11/12 Rossignol Sickle would be my first recommendation. Then maybe compromise and try the 184 Bibby Pro. Or go with the 192cm, 12/13 Influence 115 at +2, and see if it provides a bump in stability over the 186, and hopefully still is playful enough for you.

  10. Hello Jonathan,

    Thank you for the Review on the Influence 115, this might be what i am looking for!
    But i’m Not eure yet so maybe you can help me out in my decision!
    Im 5,7″ and only 140 lbs, so the Ski shouldnt be to Heavy as well…
    I would call myself close to expert, i like to go fast and steep but i also like to play in the pow and do some bc freestyle, hitting cliffs and bc kickers, especially in the Air i want to take it to the next level!
    But since i am a rather light Skier, i am wondering if i have to go for a Ski with 115 underfoot or if a more versatile

  11. … See comment above, iPad accidentally submitted the comment…

    or if a more versatile Ski can be a better option for me…
    I am thinking about the BD zealot (wondering if this one is good for Freestyle) or the SFB…
    I also consider the Salomon rocker2 108 and 115, as well as the Atomic Blog and automatic (read the Review about this one already), die you try these already? Oh man there are just to many Skis on the market…

    To make it clear i dont want a Ski that is Perfect on Perfect conditions, it also needs to perform well on hardpack, bumps

  12. … Continueing Post from above…

    Hardpack bumps and groomers you probably know what i meam…

    What i like about the influence, compared to other Skis, that it seems stiffer, how is the flex of the SFB compared to the influence? how does the influence performs in the Air?

    Hope you can help me Out in my decision!

    • Hi, Julius – I think the 12/13 Influence 115, the SFB, or the Automatic could all be really good choices. Perhaps the biggest thing is that I don’t know where you ski. If you were at Alta, from what you’re saying, I’d probably recommend the Line Opus….

      The hand flex of the 115 definitely feels stiffer than that of the SFB, but honestly, I didn’t feel like it skied a whole lot stiffer. Neither is a demanding ski, both are fun.

      I’m not spinning off of stuff, so I can’t speak to that, but you should read Jason Hutchins’ reviews of the SFB and the Opus if you haven’t already.

      And honestly, it sounds like the 11/12 or 12/13 Rossignol Sickle sound pretty ideal for what you say you’re looking for. I guess I’d lean toward the Sickle or the Influence 115.

  13. Hi Jonathan,

    You mention Rob Dickinson in one of the posts above. Having had a closer look at his profile I am surprised that he has not weighed in with his 10 cents worth on the blizzard cochise? I would really like to hear his views on the ski, especially as he has competed on it as well as what other big mountain skis he has used over the last few seasons. What size cochise does he compete on, the 185 cm or the 193 cm and has he tried them both? And therefore able to give a comparison between the sizes?

    Many thanks for all your great views. The other ski that I want to know more about is the armada norwalk which no one seems to have skied due to its late release.


  14. Hey great reviews. How would you compare flex and overall feel compared to the atomic automatic? Looking to have 2 ski quiver with ’10 prophet 100 but looking for something more playful. I tried the bacon and did not like the tail wash and way to soft so looking for something a bit more stiff but still playful. Thanks.

    • Hey Mike – unfortunately, I haven’t been on the 12/13 115 in a long time, and we don’t have the ski anymore – which sucks. But if you didn’t like the “tail wash” of the SFB, I’m not at all sure that you would be a bigger fan of the tail rockered 115 or Automatic. I like the tails of the SFB, 115, and Automatic, but yeah…they’re rockered and smeary, not like your Prophets. The Rossignol Sickle or Salomon 108 are possibilities – both are great skis – but I’m not certain you’d be into their tail profiles either….Sorry I can’t be more helpful.

  15. Hey Jonathan,
    Good review on the Influence 115.This might be the ski I’m looking for in that 115 cm range.Others I am considering are the Opus,Atomic Automatic,Salomon Rocker 2 115 and Armada Norwalk at around 190cm. I am 50 years old 190 lbs.,still skiing hard and ski mostly at Mammoth with a few trips to the Rockies and Whistler every year. Now granted I don’t ski like I’m 28 anymore but I still love doing laps down the Avy chutes on storm days and hitting chair 23 when the top opens.I am trying to find a ski that charges but is not super demanding.I bought some G3 Highball 190cm this summer that were on sale (because I currently have their Manhattans @ 185) but sent them back.I could tell they were too stiff for what I am looking for.
    Along with my Manhattans I also ski the old Prophet 100’s and Megawatts@188. I love the flex of the Prophets,Manhattans are really good in boot high powder and flat out destroys crud,but you really have to drive them.The Megas are fun in deep pow but a little tip floppy.So I’m looking for a more up to date fun powder/all around resort ski to compliment what I have.
    My questions are how do these skis compare,what is the difference between the Opus and the Influence and do you know much about the Norwalk?Thanks.

    • Thanks, Byron. But I’m not sure that this is your ski; it’s extremely smooth and versatile, and we all might have different versions of “charging,” … but that is not this ski’s forte. Around here, the ski with the current title of “charges hard but isn’t super demanding” is the 185 Blizzard Cochise. For me personally, I keep calling the 190 Bibby Pro a “playful charger,” though some readers have found it to be more ski than they want / need. Softer skis than those two: the Automatic, the Influence 115, etc., I don’t regard as “chargers”; some people CAN charge on them, but that says more about the skier than the ski (though yeah, I really want to ski the 192 115 and I hope to ski the 193 Automatic soon.)

      Sorry, that seems unhelpful. But if you are looking for a ski to excel at speed in bad or variable snow, then I don’t want you to end up with the wrong ski.

  16. Hi,

    I’m currently skiing with a quiver made of: 192 Bentchetlers (Powder skis), 196 Black Crows Corvus (Everyday skis), 189 Kung Fujas (Park skis). I’m 6″1 and 180 pounds, skiing 50+ days per season in the Alps (mainly Andermatt and Chamonix).

    I’m trying to find a replacement ski for my Corvus (which are: 105mm waist, no rocker, quite stiff), since I always thought that my Corvus were not very “lively”, i.e. lacking of pop, a bit too heavy, etc…

    On powder days or when I built a kicker I will take my Bentchetlers out and for groomers I just use my KFs; so I want a third pair of ski for the other days, that would have more of a “freeride feeling” and that could handle all type conditions (from hard pack to windblown crud as well as an occasional groomer run).

    Basically, I would love to have a mix between my Corvus and Bentchetlers, something around 105/112mm waist, ~190cm length, with nose rocker, twin tip with small to no rocker (won’t ride switch with those skis but I not a fan of fully flat tail), camber underfoot, quite stiff (stiffer than my Bentchetlers but they don’t need to be as stiff as my Corvus), descent pop and good edge hold on hard pack.

    Initially, I thought of these skis (but couldn’t try them): Völkl Katana, but I’m worried that they’ll feel too much like the Corvus; Armada TST, but they seem too soft; BMX 108, looks great but they are way too expensive.

    So now I’m wondering if the Line Influence 115 in 192cm could be the solution. They’re a bit too wide but otherwise they seem to fit the bill. However, I’ve three questions:
    – Which version? 2011/12 (better hardpack performance but only 186cm) or 2012/13 (192cm and seem a bit more fun and “poppy”)?
    – I haven’t found much information on how the 12/13 handles windblown crud, refrozen crud, hard pack and others shitty conditions.
    – It looks like 12/13 would be stiffer and have a flatter tail for stomping cliffs than my Bentchetlers, is it true? Or would the 12/13 just overlap with my Bentchetlers?


    NB: American brands like ON3P or Moment are quite expensive in France that’s why I have not considered them.

    NB2: Other skis that I tried and like: Obsethed (but too wide and too much tail rocker for what I’m looking for), Rocker² 115 (but only available in 188cm and lacked of pop).

    • Hey, Thomas – given the tail rocker of the 12/13 Influence 115, I don’t think that’s your ski. If I had to wager, I think you’d prefer the 11/12 115. Yeah, it’s only 186, but it isn’t tail rockered, so you’ll gain effective edge. If you didn’t already say that you’re not into tail rocker, I’d think the 192 Influence could make sense.

      Actually, I’d love to see you get your hands on the 192 Black Diamond Zealot – that ski sounds basically perfect for what you’re describing. Seriously, go demo or buy those things. I think you’ll dig them (but mostly, I just selfishly want to hear what you think….But I think they’ll be perfect….)

      If you can wait a bit, I believe we’re finally getting on a 192 Zealot soon. Might be able to weigh in in a couple weeks.

      • Thanks for your answer Jonathan.

        I’m going to Avoriaz (France) next week-end for two days of ski test. I’ll make sure to try the 192 Zealot and the 192 Influence 115 and I’ll let you know what I think about both of them (and what I bought :D …).

  17. Where is the factory line on inluence 115 compered to Automatic? On Automatic 186 team line is at 102.5cm back from the tip. And Inluence? Thanks :)

  18. I finally was able to get some good conditions with the Influence 115. The mountain had about 15 inches new snow over the last 2 days and 8 inches from the night before. Your review is Spot on. Couldnt be more accurate. Very easy ski, never sank at all even on flat ground at slow speeds. I did feel at times that I was going over the tips just a TAD bit, hardly noticible, but that could be because I mounted at +1 (the shop actually mounted at +1.5). I think ill ski them a few more times and see if I can tune my stance a bit and find the comfortzone. Railed on the groomers, handled the crud with ease (I like to pop up in the crud) and floated like a dream. Couldnt ask for anything better for me. I bought these without a demo based on your review so I just wanted to say THANKS. Awesome job!

  19. Hi Jonathan!

    I currently ski the 11/12 K2 Hardside @ 181cm, it’s a nice ski but a bit to unplayful and hard to manuver in tight spots. Realy enjoy the groomer capabilitis of this ski. I’m looking to change these skis to something more playful and easyer to handle in tight trees. I live in Sweden, and we dont have very big mountains here, so there will be quite a bit of skiing in tight trees. I will also be going to the Alps for atleast one week each season.
    I want a ski that can handle some speed on grooms without getting unstable.
    I’m about 5″7 and about 140lb, so im looking primary on the 179cm model of the influence. If buing i will mount a Marker Baron on it for some (once or twice a year) toptours. I read that the Influence 115 in 179 had about 19m radius, compared to the hardsides 23m i think this would be good as i sometimes felt that the Hardside has a bit big radius for our smal mountains. So do you think the Influence 115 in 179 would be a good ski for me?
    Thanks Patrik

    • Patrik, I weigh a bit more than you and thats the exact set up I have. 179 with Barons. and I LOVE it. Took me a while to get used to them (about 3 full days) but since I have loved them. They are super easy for quick trees and they are a ton of fun to rip through the chopped up pow. The only thing is when I get on groomers and want to make two very big turns down the run I can feel the slightly smaller radius and wish it was bigger. But you can do it, you might just feel the ski wanting to make a smaller turn than you want. BUT it does rip the groomers really well. And in pow and trees the smaller radius is super nice. Like I said, you really can open this ski up with no problems. Its an awesome ski. Buy it.

  20. Jonathan, would you say the 115 is more versatile in variable conditions than the Automatic? Both seem to do pretty good on powder, how about head to head for variable few days after storm conditions? It wasn’t clear to me by the reviews… although both seem to do pretty well

    • I did a demo this weekend on the Opus 178, true is the conditions were not even close to ideal… spring slush, some refrozen snow and crud. Even though I did love how the Opus is easy to turn and manageable, but I was looking for some pow sticks that would also fix the problem I have with the Prophet 98 which is stability and tip chatter on variable conditions. The size seems fine for me 5’5″ / 150, I’m trying to get a hold of the Influence 115 @ 179 to demo and see how it goes… unfortunately didn’t have a chance to demo on same conditions to compare :-( Do you think the Influence 115 would be at least close to how easy to ski the Opus is, but offers a little bit more stability and get rid of some of the tip chatter compared to the Opus. As a reference I also skied the 12/13 Gunsmoke @179 and I hated the tail, did find it easy to release… not sure why, the overall feel I got was too much tail in the Gunsmoke! Loved the Opus, but hated the tip chatter, I wouldn’t be using it on conditions like those during the demo, but I’m assuming it wouldn’t changed much for days after storms! So now aiming to either Auto and Influence but don’t wanna loose too much of the playfulness of the Opus!

        • Hey, Marcel – while I didn’t find the 186 LIne Influence to be a GREAT variable conditions ski, I would take it over the 186 Automatic in variable, for sure. But I wouldn’t expect the 115s to “fix” the stability and tip chatter issues you say you have with the Prophet 98. (I haven’t skied the 98 in a while, but I don’t see the 12/13 Influence 115 as being significantly better in this regard.) But the 115s WILL be better than the Opus in variable, and I think you’ll still find the 179s to be playful. Hope that helps.

  21. Hi Jonathan, great review as all the ones here at blister gear ( by the way why is the site called “Blister Gear review”) I’m looking for one ski quiver for the swiss alps, keep in mind I have a pair of SL for no-new-snow-at-all-days, I’m 5’8 and 160ish depending on the time of the year… currently have line P98 and happy with them, but not enough ski for 10″+ days, I mainly do off piste resort skiing, like charging but at human speeds, nothing supersonic, but as you sure know here in europe you have to deal with lots of hard pack and groomed runs, so you need a decent ski in that area. I was thinking on 2014 line influence 115 in 179 or Blizzard cochise in 185 as I think they are more rockered and will ski similar, which one do you think will fit better for my needs.

    • Hey gus

      The Line 179 will ski much shorter than the Cochise 185, for what’s worth I would go with the Cochise, it’s a better all around ski for a one ski quiver. If you decide to go with the Influence you should consider the 186 which is going to be a good 182 tip to tail.

    • Hey, Gus – first, as for the name “Blister,” see the end of this article: http://blistergearreview.com/features/press/espn-new-gear-review-site-vows-to-tell-truth

      The 115, Cochise, and Gunsmoke are definitely all one-ski-quiver contenders. But to me, from the sound of it, you’ve already got skis you like for “no new snow” days – your SLs and your P98s. So if you still intend to make use of those skis when conditions are really firm, then you’re really primarily interested in picking up a ski that excels in that 10″ +. The Cochise isn’t a pow ski – it is an outstanding variable conditions ski. The Influence 115 & Gunsmoke are more similar to each other than to the Cochise. Neither is nearly as good as the Cochise in variable, but both are much better pow skis than the Cochise. I have not skied the new 13/14 Gunsmoke that Jason Hutchins has reviewed for us, but I would opt for the Influence 115 over the 12/13 Gunsmoke for those 10″+ days. And I agree with Marcel – if you do go with the Influence 115, go with the 186cm.

      • Hi Jonathan,
        Thanks a lot for your advice, this really is such a great site, it has so much and so valuable information.
        Just to clarify, my line P98 have gone to a good friend of mine, as my wife just doesn’t believe in ski quivers… So I just have my volkl SL skis which will be used only when there is no new snow at all, but for the rest of the time I will only have one ski. As I come from the prophets 98 in 172 I’m looking for something similar but a bit larger to get more float but I would also want a ski capable to do well in hard pack and crud, that’s why I look into the influence and the cochise. Seen you recomend the influence in 186, do you think the cochise in 185 will be ok as well? I’m 5’8″ and let’s face it closer to 165.
        Thanks a lot for your help and advice and to everyone adding informative help regarding different sized people.

        • I’m not AS confident that the 185 Cochise will be the right size for you – it’s profile means that it will ski / feel longer than the 186 Influence. You might find that the 185 Cochise is a bit more ski than you want. But given that your options are 177 or 185cm Cochise … I’m inclined to still recommend the 185, if you’re okay dealing with a ski that might initially feel like more ski than you’re used to. But you’ll have to make that call.

  22. Hey Marcel,
    Thanks a lot for your comments, another option I was considering is the Gunsmoke, and since you’ve demoed it, would you consider it a candidate for a one ski quiver? besides the fact that you didn’t like how the tails released.

    • Hey Gus

      I’m not really a big jib ski fan, for those 3 skis I would personally go (1) Cochise, (2) Influence 115 and Gunsmoke as my last option.

  23. My god this is a thorough review! Love it. Excellent work! So if I’m a 170lb ex racer who loves a stable yet playful, all mtn fat twin that’s quick edge to edtge this is my ski? I got a bit confused in the abundance of detail. I’m currently on the 4frnt Turbos and think they’re great but they’re at the end of their life span and I’m looking for something new to replace them. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

    • Thanks, Yanni. And if you loved the Turbos, I’m not certain that you’ll love the 12/13 115. (The 11/12 Influence 115 would seem to me to be the better fit for you.) I’m not sure which version of the Turbo you were on, but I’d call that ski more stable than playful, while I’d call the 12/13 Influence 115 more playful than stable – though the 12/13 115s are definitely quick edge to edge.

      Really, I think my only reservation is that I didn’t find the 12/13 115 to be an exceptionally good carver. But if you’re not expecting / needing an outstanding 115mm underfoot carver, then I think the 186cm 12/13 115 checks most of the boxes.

      • Thanks! You’re the man! I’m on the 2012 Turbos. I’m an EC skier who spends most of my time in the woods. I’m about 5’9 so I’m thinking the 179cm might be perfect. My main concern is that they weren’t too sloppy in the tails…..that way if I end up finding my way to the back seat I don’t get blown out the back door…lol. I also was hoping to hear you say they were fast edge to edge….which you did ;) Honestly I don’t really care how they perform on groomers too much….I’m only on those when there’s nothing else to ski or if I’m heading somewhere good :)

  24. Hey Jonathan,

    Thanks for providing such an incredibly valuable website. Your reviews are absolutely top notch, and really helped me make a decision on my next daily driver. Thanks again for the in-depth review!

  25. If you can get a good deal on these skis buy them. Great for snow days and really excel on the groomers. Moguls and steep hard pack not so much but certainly possible; just not ideal. Many people recommend going longer. I would say not absolutely necessary especially if you ski tight trees on east coast. The 179cm come in with a 19m turn radius – longer versions go up so think about that. Dont try and drive the tips in on carving turns. You’ll hook the tips but if you stay off the front a bit you can carve really well. Many people say a ski over 100 underfoot is a waste on the east coast. I think that is true with a ski having a turn radius of 24m but at 19m it is a whole different game.

  26. Hey…I’m in a debate about buying the Influence 115. I’ve been on the prophet 115s (186) for the last couple of seasons, and am leaning towards a new pair. I’ve read most of your reviews on this ski, and one of my main concerns is whether to get the 186 or 192. I see you seem to think it is better to size up with a ski like this, but really would like to hear more on this if possible. I’m 5’11”, 150lbs…and have been used to a 186cm in the prophet 115. Just wondering if I would be ok sticking with the same length, or wishing I had sized up to the 192…

  27. It’s come time to replace my Nordica Patron (193cm) which has been my daily ski whenever there’s any new snow or when skiing tighter spaces. As an agile, advanced skier of 6’11, 260-lbs skiing by necessity with a centred stance, I’ve often wished for another 10cm of length on the Patron. Sometimes there doesn’t seem to be enough ski in front of me. My ski for firmer days and chopped snow has been the Nordica Girish (193cm) which can sometimes feel a bit stiff in tight spaces and trees, particularly without any tail rocker.

    Do you think the 2012/13 Line Influence 115 (193cm) would be a good fit for me (begger’s can’t be choosers, right?) that fits somewhere between the feel of the Patron and Girish? Any other suggestions considering my height/weight to replace my new snow “playful” ski? Other skis I’m considering would be Line Mr Pollard’s Opus 193 and Atomic Automatic 193 for skiing Alta/Snowbird and Niseko.

    I was also considering the 4FRNT Devestator 194 as a charger replacement for the Girish, thoughts?

  28. Thanks for the great review. I am looking at this ski for replacing my S7 (178) which I’ve been on for the last four seasons. My S7 is a great powder ski, but kind of unstable when going fast in the heavy snow/crud that we often have here in the Pacific Northwest. My only concern is that the influence is often described as best suited toward heavier powerful skiers, and may be a bit much for someone of my stature. I am 5’6″ 140lb. Thanks for any advice.

      • I finally demoed the Influence 115, alongside the Atomic Automatic and Line Sick Day. Demoed the Rossi Super 7 later the same week. The Influence was my favorite by far. I think it gives up a little loose surfiness to the others, but the stability and confidence at speed is well worth it. It was also surprisingly quick in the trees. I don’t think I would’ve considered this ski if not for this review. Thanks.

      • I don’t think I did a complete (or maybe fair) comparison with the Super 7 because it was on a different day with much less fresh snow. The Super 7 is and feels very light. It was at least as stable in the crud as the Automatic, but lacked the dampness of the Influence which I really liked. All 3 held a good edge on the hardpack, with the Influence being slower edge to edge than the other 2.

  29. I’ve got a pair of 11/12 i’m checking out for $350. Usually skii my old 186 XScreams but want to try this big board stuff when its fluffy! 5-8 180…push 1400 watts on my spin bike last night in a sprint…i will bend these boards to my will! The reviews are great and help get a mental idea of what the boards are good at…not sure how you get these fat boys out on an edge but guess i will find out!@ LOL

  30. Really appreciate your reviews! They help us out so much!
    I’m looking for a one quiver for utah skiing. I’m looking at the 115 influence or 115 supernatural, but am needing help on length. I’m a very aggressive skier, doing lots of chutes, drops and occasional natural features if I see one. I’m also 5’10” and 225lbs and do a lot of power lifting. Which ski and length seems a good fit for me? I’m open to other options too if you have any. Thanks again!

      • Thanks Jonathan – I really appreciate the quick response and hope you’re fast on your road to recovery.

        You all seemed to love the SN108, but not so much the 13/14 Influence 115 (Supernatural 115). Is there that much of a difference with the extra 7mm, or just many other skis that are better in the 115 playful powder charger category?

        Thanks again!

        • I just came on to rave about my influence 115. I’m sure it was due in part to the first deep day of the season which was long overdue. I took out my 115 thinking I’d switch to my SN 108 after a run or two. But I kep them on most of the day. They handled the tracked out stuff, bumps, and groomers amazingly well. I’ve had these for many seasons, but forget how versatile and fun they are. Quick as hell edge to edge for such a fatty, stable at speed, easy in bumps. I bought the SN108 for tracked out etc, but the shorter turn radius of the influence gives me more versatility in the bumps and carves better. My buddy was amazed I could lay over a 115 on the groomer down. And I just gave a home tune and was amazed at their edge bite on the rare scratched off areas. Sure, the SN108 was more stable on roughed up end of day groomers and blasted through the broken chow a bit better, but I still preferred the maneuvailty and quickness of the 115. I so wish my SN108 had a slightly shorter radius like the 115. For me, hard now skis with a radius around 18-20 and soft snow skis around 21-22 work best. Hope this helps!

  31. I’m not sure if anyone will read this and comment, but just in case. This has been my pow ski for years and I love it. Don’t ski it too much as I reserve for the deepest days.inadded the supernatural 108 a couple of years ago to bust crud and it’s a tank well suited for the job. But lately, I’ve been liking this ski even more. Tighter turn radius and plenty of strength in crud and speed as well. It’s surpisongly fast edged to edge and carves very well on all but iciest groomers. I’ll never confuse it for my monster88 but still amazed at how I can lay it over.

    So I came back to this review for some specs such as flex, rocket, and mount point, but no luck. You’re reviews have come a long way. But would love if you had any thoughts about those details so I can compare to new skis I might look at to replace this or my sn108 in the future. I even looked for he same years 105 but none available long enough. Just would love to know more specs about a ski I absolutely love as a reference for the future.

      • 186cm mounted on the line.

        On a related note, I just mounted up a brand new in the wrapper 186cm 2012 Enforcer last night for closing day. What a beast. I have a hell and back, same shape but lightened(still heavy by todays standards) and wo metal. Always like it, but Wow, does construction matter. This thing holds an amazing edge and likes to go fast. locked into a carve and wouldn’t let go, didn’t care what was in front of it. So damn stable at speed, it actually scared me the speeds I was bombing down groomers. Off piste, blew though our 3 day old crud well although I’m sure a tiny bit of tail rocker would be nice here. I’ll detune the tails just a bit to improve the tail release. I know my hell and back with the same shape releases decently, so maybe the factory fresh tune was a bit too much at the tail.

        I can’t help wonder with my love of 2012 skis that all weight over 2300gm, are the new skis really getting better even though so light, or is Blister’s idea of stable changing with the gear. I mean, are any of these under 2000g skis even close to as stable at speed and rough terrain as the old enforcer or a new monster?!? I know the Kore is getting rave reviews for its stability even though its light.

        I’d love to see more comparisons to older skis such as the old mantra, the old enforcer, line influence 105, line influence 115, etc. Are new skis really better? I’m thinking not so much. So far I like the old enforcer better than the new, my old line influence 115 better than my newer supernatural 108. Then again, I like classic rock better than any new music so maybe I’m just an old soul.

  32. Hi Andrew
    Just a quick note to say I have had influence 105 and 115 for the past 7 years and still loving them more than other skis I got.

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