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  1. One thing I just want to add is the graphics. “Well..they are blue”…and yes they are blue indeed. But the topsheet structure makes the blue very vibrant and lively when you see it live.

  2. Presale coming up soon, apparently; they’ve been pretty good value in the past. There were also rumours of shorter lengths of some (or more!) of the skis for this coming season, though I don’t know how that’ll pan out.

  3. Hi Jonathan,

    could you please compare the Countdown 2 with the Blizzard Cochise 185 in terms of groomers, crud, bumped off-piste conditions and afternoon-skied-out-terrain. The reason is that I own a dps Lotus 120 pure in 184 that gives me much more fun in kneedeep pow than the 2013 Countdown 2 and I’m looking for something that suits the “don’t-know-what-to-expect”-days better than my Countdown does. Thus I could save the dps for the superb pow days and have this ski last some more seasons.
    Your review of the 185 Cochise sounded very interesting in terms of the abovementioned conditions. But if there was not much of a difference, I’d probably stick with the Countdown 2 for everything but the fine pow days. Regarding my skiing abilities: I’d consider myself an advanced skier, being 6′ at 175lbs.

  4. Any review planned for the 2018/2019 CountDown 104 or 104L (or any other CountDown ski for that matter). Down seems not to be listed in the buyers guide.

    • I’d be also super interested to see how next season’s CountDown 104 would compare to the Mindbender 108.

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