1 comment on “2014-2015 Epic Planks Crop Duster”

  1. Again, I think Jason has delivered a great review, and I tend to agree with everything reported. We also reviewed Bill Wanrooy’s EpicPlanks Crop Duster this season, and found it to be a ski to make a huge population of new and experienced powder skiers very happy. I agree the ski’s soft tail might not make it the first choice for hard-chargers or big air-droppers, but it is definitely a ski you can just get on and feel at home with without any learning curve, and it’s manners are suitable for a wide range of skiers.

    Bill has spent several years developing this ski in conjunction with heli-tour guides and customers, and it is a ski he should be proud of. Quality seemed really good on our test pair, and the personality of the ski grew on us more and more over a couple months of testing, even in less-than-stellar snow conditions here in Vermont. Another fun ski from a small designer/builder !

    Keep up the great reviews.

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