2 comments on “2016-2017 Armada Invictus 108Ti”

  1. I had a chance to ski these last March in Fernie and came to a similar conclusion as you. I was looking for a narrower ski than my bibbys for everyday skiing when the conditions are firm. The Invictus is stable at speed, holds a great edge but is very difficult to break loose. In fact I scared the sh#t out of myself as I came maching down a section and had to make a sharp right turn. I’ve made this turn hundreds of times on the bibbys and on XXls but on the Invictus the tail did not want to release to bleed some speed. If you like to smear your turns this is not the ski for you. I didnt get a chance to detune the tails and try them out again. I am trending toward the Line Supernatural 108.

  2. Any thoughts on mounting these -1, -2? I have the Norwalks and the thing I really notice about the factory mount location is that it gives the ski A LOT of tail. Great for stability through the turn, terrible for trying to bleed some speed.

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