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  1. I tested this ski too. I can confirm that the does not handle well thicker pow / chop and off-piste packed snow. True is: This ski is very light and very easy to turn. However, it is also very unstable at higher speeds. Maybe it is because my weight (100kg) is simple to much for that light ski. To my mind the term “Big Mountain Ski” for the Squad 7 is misleading. The ski is too playful and instable.

  2. For this season I got a secondhand pair of Volkl Shiro 193s this season for what little powder we had and we honestly found them awesome for charging but that aside a bit heavy and cumbersome. How do they stay up to the Squads ?

  3. I’vs skied the 12/13 and the 13/14 Squad 7’s a lot, always at a -2 mount with Vipec, Lord SP and FKS18’s and I think the review overstates the differences between the two years a little bit. They are different for sure but mainly the heavier, slightly damper last years version makes a bit better charger and the lighter version is better for uphill.

  4. Hi,

    Do you have any updates regarding mounting point on this. My weight is 100 kg and I am wondering if I should mount them at -1,5 or -2 cm.


    – Erik –

  5. I just found a great deal on a set of Squad 7’s, but I’m having trouble deciding what size to get. I’m 5’10”, 150 lbs, aggressive/expert skier, but I have only demoed powder boards before (never owned). I currently ski on some 170cm, 78mm underfoot Nordica Jet Fuels and love tight turns in trees, but am getting the Squad 7’s to be my deep day go-tos. I’m thinking the 180cm is more appropriate for my size and skiing style, but I was surprised to see that you and Jason are not as much bigger than I am as I thought you’d be. Will I be disappointed with the float or will the performance in chop be even worse if I don’t get 190s?


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