5 comments on “2015-2016 Scott Rock’Air”

  1. Hey Sam- Put on some weight. You are making me look bad. I hope you will journal your experience in Switz this winter. I will be there in Europe Feb. 7-15. Looking at Corchevel, Val d’isere., etc. Looking for good snow. Best wishes. The alps are special. I know, I gained 15 pounds over there.

    • I hope to be including updates on time out here in my reviews throughout the winter. I have a few cool reviews lined up that I’m excited about. Corchevel and Val d’isere should be excellent! I’m based in Bern right now so I’ll be focused on south central Switzerland but those areas look sick!

      With all this cheese and chocolate, I’d be surprised if I didn’t put on 15 pounds – uhhhh – 7 kilos I mean…


  2. Hi Sam, Hope you got some nice trips in the Swiss Alps. Conditions have been quite good so far and the season isn’t over yet. Any updates on your Scott Rock’Air review?

    • Hey Ernst,

      I have been getting some great skiing in out here. Glad the spring season is finally here! No big changes in my review. This is still my everyday touring ski. It’s predictable and reliable. I dig it!

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