2015-2016 Moment Blister Pro

Here it is, the 15/16 Blister Pro.

The ski stays the same, of course.

(If you thought we’d tweak the ski itself, then clearly you haven’t been paying attention.)

Like last year, we worked with Moment’s Luke Jacobson on the graphics, and you can see where we’ve arrived:

Jonathan Ellsworth reveals the 2015-2016 Moment Blister Pro
15/16 Blister Pro
Jonathan Ellsworth reveals the 2015-2016 Moment Blister Pro
Blister Pro Bases

We still really like the muted, low-key look of last year’s Blister Pro, and didn’t feel like deviating too far from that script.

So to quote Luke re: the new graphic, “It’s the same but different.”

We think that sums it up pretty well.

Of course, if you don’t like the look, you can always opt for the Bibby Pro instead, since the Bibby Pro is back to being the Bibby Pro again (at least for now)?

Whichever way you go, consider picking up a Blister membership, because:

(1) You’ll automatically save 10% on any Moment ski you buy, plus get access to a growing number of other exclusive deals.

(2) Only Blister members are eligible to purchase the Blister Pro — we thought that would be a cool way to say thanks to those of you who support the work we do on this site, ensuring that we can continue to stay independent.

As soon as you become a member, we’ll send you your discount code (for 10% off), as well as the private link to access the Blister Pro.

So Go forth and Get skis. Do some lunges and jumping jacks. Pray for heaps of snow. And visualize shredding the whole mountain on one of our favorite skis of all time.



24 comments on “2015-2016 Moment Blister Pro”

  1. Holy shit, these skis are awesome. Is there any difference between these and the 15/16 Bibby Pro besides the graphics?. I’ve been on the fence about getting a pair of these, but the fence just came down.

  2. I’m probably missing something, but is there a link for members to get to the Blister Pro on Moment’s website?

    Last year’s link does not seem to be functioning.


  3. I sure hope these are available in a few weeks when I have the budget.

    I already bought some Powertrack 89 for the year but with Godzilla coming some fresh fatties like the Blister Pro look like fine additions to the quiver, I will put my trusty Bodacious on the market to make room for these.

  4. Skis look amazing and since I regret not picking up last years model I may have to pull the trigger on these. Any idea what they will retail for not including the membership?

  5. Hey Jonathan,

    Been reading Blister for about a year now, first comment / question. I’m looking to build a two ski quiver with one ~105mm and one powder ski that can still charge, as I ski mostly east coast and make 3-4 trips out west each season. Naturally, I was committed to making the new Bibby that powder / charger and complimenting it with a cochise, supernatural 108, or possibly moment PB&J for a daily driver. However, I just came across the Blizzard Spur and am now considering pairing the Spur with the supernatural for the two ski quiver, unfortunately leaving out the Bibby. I’ve done my research on all of these skis, and feel that the spur / supernatural combo is sort of expanding the Bibby’s capabilities out into two more specific skis (one being narrower all-mountain, the other being wider powder), if you know what I mean. So, I’m wondering what your thoughts are on the Spur vs the Bibby in terms of powder performance and charging ability (and if you think the Spur is that much better in these areas). I’m also wondering on your thoughts on the Supernatural vs the PB&J. Both of these pairs seem pretty similar despite significant width differences and the maybe more playful nature of both of the Moments. Thanks alot, look forward to hearing back

    • I am selling a brand new pair of last years Blister Pros in 184cm. I bought these last year and never had a chance to ski on them because the snow was too sketchy here in the Pacific Northwest. My girlfriend told me to sell some of my skis or else!
      These are mounted with Look Pivot 14’s. I’m asking $800.00
      I’m in Seattle, hoping to sell these locally.
      Mike, 2062409157

  6. Mine arrived via FedEx this morning. Easily the prettiest skis I’ve owned; an incredible amount of detail in the design. Now we just need some snow. Looking forward to getting these out.

  7. I just go these on Friday, got them mounted overnight and hit Snowbird for a powder day yesterday. I don’t post often on the interwebs but hooooooly S*******t! I’ve competitively played and participated in a lot of different sports, and I can comfortably say I’ve never had a piece of equipment make this much difference in my ability and enjoyment level. I just felt like I could do anything I wanted on the mountain yesterday. Super fast turns, charging down bumps, jumps, moguls it was unbelievable. Thank God I got a pair of these before they sold out of the 184’s. Thanks a ton for your website and for helping to bring these back!!!

  8. Will you be doing a 2016-17 blister pro Ski? How does it compares with the new Volkl Confession Ski? Any feedback would be great. I read your reviews all the time and that is the reason I am on the Volkl Katana ski. The reviews are spot on. Lud

    • We are doing a 16/17 Blister Pro, available in 184 cm and 190 cm lengths. We’re actually finalizing the graphic now, and the ski will be made available for pre-order soon. (And will ship out to buyers around mid-November)

      We can’t yet say how it compares to the Confession (since we didn’t receive the Confession in time for our NZ trip), but the Blister Pro has more tail rocker, and should be easier to slash and break the tail free than the Confession. We call the Blister Pro a ‘playful charger’, while the Confession appears to be more of a traditional directional charger. If we were going to compare it to a Moment ski, the Confession is less like the Bibby and more like the Moment Governor (but with metal).

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