Preview: 2015-2016 Moment Exit World

Ski: 2015-2016 Moment Exit World

Available Lengths: 178 & 186cm

Stated Dimensions (mm): 135-118-130

Stated Sidecut Radius:

  • 27.5 meters (186cm length)
  • 24 meters (176cm length)

Core construction: Paulownia / Ash

Stated Weight per Ski: 1,814 grams (186cm length)

The Moment Exit World, previously a lighter, slightly tweaked version of the Moment Bibby Pro, sees a significant re-design for the 2015-2016 season.

The ski’s camber / rocker profile is now based on Moment’s 123mm-underfoot Ghost Train; it’s flat underfoot, with tip and tail rocker and “micro-camber” sections in front of and behind the binding area.

And at ~1,800 grams / ski, the Exit World is quite light, especially for its size. I put a few runs on the Exit World after SIA and, sure enough, its swing weight felt very light and the ski’s flat-underfoot profile made it very easy to pivot and steer. Even on firm, slick groomers at Copper, the Exit World didn’t feel terribly skittish or washy. In fact, it felt surprisingly grippy and predictable—easy to control on slick, firm snow, and not hooking or grabbing too badly when I ran through heavy, consolidated piles.

While I personally wasn’t a huge fan of Moment’s “Triple Camber Twin Rocker” profile on the Deathwish (for everyday, all-mountain use), I’m pretty intrigued by the slightly tweaked version of that profile on this new, decidedly more touring-oriented Exit World.

I don’t imagine we’ll end up talking about the Exit World as a damp, super-stable ski in variable snow, but it’s hardpack performance seems quite promising given how light and surfy we expect it to be in fresh pow.


Blister Gear Review, SIA Tradeshow 2015
Moment Exit World



Blister Gear Review, SIA Tradeshow 2015
Moment Exit World



Blister Gear Review, SIA Tradeshow 2015
Moment Exit World – Tip Profile



Blister Gear Review, SIA Tradeshow 2015
Moment Exit World – Tail Profile



Blister Gear Review, SIA Tradeshow 2015
Moment Exit World – Bases

9 comments on “Preview: 2015-2016 Moment Exit World”

  1. I recently picked up a pair of the Ghost Trains that have the same rocker profile and I can tell you they RIP, actually they have become my daily driver as of late, bumping out my Bibbys and PB&J’s, so fun and playful for their size and they can charge pretty hard, extremely versatile, so I imagine the exit world will do the same.

  2. any chance you will give us some more info on the new 4frnt kye pro models? How abour the liberty origin? thanks. keep up the good work.

  3. @willie:
    In which size do you have the Ghost Trains?? 186cm??
    Could you tell me the “real” lenght of the Skis??

    Thanks!! :)

  4. Anyone spent a decent amount of time touring in these? I love riding flat underfoot on the way down, but with the aggressive rocker I’m a little worried there isn’t enough surface area in contact with the snow on the way up to lock in a skin. Worried they won’t be grabby enough on anything other than breaking track in soft snow. Advice?

    • Did some touring on mine in Japan this January – went fine. I do think Moment could have made the shovel 5mm wider and the ski a bit stiffer for the riding down the mountain part.

  5. I am trying to decide between the underworld or exit world. Is one stiffer than the other. I am getting it for my touring set up that I do in Utah mostly the cottonwood canyons

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