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  1. “I can’t think of another ski in this sub-100mm underfoot class with such a straight shape, in fact.”

    Too bad you guys missed the chance to A/B this w/the now-dead 186 on3p tychoon; 26.5 radius, 96 waisted, and super underrated (and under-reviewed), and under-appreciated as a low tide/EC ski for someone who likes to go fast and knows how to turn a ski.


    “I would bet that a ski with a heavier construction, and certainly one with a metal laminate in its core construction, would have been more stable.”

    Yeah, you would’ve won that bet.

  2. Jonathan,

    what’s up with the ON3P relationship? Is it over? They self proclaim badassery but appear to have disappeared from supplying Blister skis for review, despite so many requests from your audience. How about a little Badassery insight?

    • JE – did you guys end up skiing the 11-12 version? I had a set of the baby blue 186s briefly but had similar complaints to Lindahl – they seemed a bit lacking at speed and were mounted too forward). I’m curious to know if they current version is indeed more capable at speeds.

      • Hi DM,

        I put a little time on the 186 Tahoes you’re talking about a few season ago (baby blue with a dog-looking character on one of the shovels), and I definitely don’t remember them feeling as stiff as this 15/16 version. And while they weren’t awful at speed, the ones reviewed here are rocket ships in comparison. Hope that helps!


        • Totally agree with Will. The 15/16 Tahoe has nothing in common with those older baby blue ones. I didn’t spend much time on that ski, but thought it was so ‘Meh’ that we never even bothered to review it. It’s also why I think Will and I were so shocked by the new Tahoe. It did not seem to me that the new ski was clearly less damp than the old Tahoe (the old one didn’t strike me as all that damp anyway), but it is most definitely stiffer — and yeah, a freaking rocket ship on groomers.

  3. Hey blister, Marshall posted a few times and I started reading you guys again. Good job!

    After the season we had this year, I am looking for a new hard snow ski for Bridger. This ski will only be brought out in hardpack conditions and will hopefully be somewhat nimble as I like tight, steep chutes and zipperlines. So far the new Enforcer has been at the top of my list but a cursory read seems that you guys think its more of a variable conditions ski and to be lacking in edgehold. And then I saw this post and remembered how big of grin I had on a pair of Tahoes in low tide conditions last year at Brighton. So back to drawing board because those two skis are not very similar. I find the Tahoes to be damp enough fwiw, certainly more so than the PB&J. I am also a very light skier (120 soaking wet)

    Any suggestions on where my ski search should lead? And remember, the skis I go with will be strapped on my back and bootpacked regularly, weight is an issue.

    • Hi, Ben – I’m a little confused: you say you liked the Tahoe … so why not go with the Tahoe?

      And what we said about the Enforcer is that it wouldn’t be our first choice on ice – it’s too tip and tail rockered to compete with the edgehold of skis like the Rossi Experience 100. But get it in the least bit soft and it performs well.

  4. I put 20+ days on the 2014-2015 186 CM Tahoe this year in Colorado and with the strange snow year I am glad I bought them. My everyday ski the past few years has been the 189 Scott Punisher a ski I love but I wanted something to fly down groomers on, something that I could turn quicker and something to pound the bumps with when the snow was not fresh. My experience is very different but at 6′ 4″ and a strong 258 pounds and a forward stance skier I found the Tahoe did well in the bumps and had no speed limit on groomers. I could turn the ski much faster than the 25 side cut would suggest but then again I can bend about any ski. I skied the Tahoe in up to 8 inches of powder at Vail and Breckenridge and they did fine. Granted I would have preferred my Punishers I think most people would enjoy them up to 4 inches of new snow. So after reading Will’s review they are not for everyone but I have enjoyed them and since I have a three ski quiver, Tahoe, Punisher, and Megawatt they work for what I want bumps and groomers, they did fine in soft chop and 4 inches of powder. Funny how weight makes a big difference I can make these skis pop like slalom skis on groomed snow making short quick turns. I did get a good deal on these $350 new.

  5. Sounds to me that the Tahoe kicked your butt a little, maybe you should stick with your big corporate ski brands like Salomon or k2, they make soft easy skis, I personally thought the Tahoe was a relative easy ski to charge on, but boring, unless ripping groomers all day is your thing.

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