2016-2017 Nordica Santa Ana 93

Jonathan Ellsworth reviews the Nordica Santa Ana 93 for Blister Gear Review.
Nordica Santa Ana 93

2016-2017 Nordica Santa Ana 93, 169 cm

Blister’s Measured Tip-to-Tail Length: 168.3 cm

Blister’s Measured Weight per Ski: 1486 & 1527 grams

Stated Dimensions (mm): 124-93-112

Blister’s Measured Dimensions (mm): 125-92-112

Stated Sidecut Radius: 15.5 meters

Core: Balsa + carbon prepreg laminates

Base: Ultra High Molecular Weight Sintered Graphite Electra Gallium Base

Tip & Tail Splay (ski decambered): 54 mm / 10 mm

Traditional Camber Underfoot: 3-4 mm

Recommended Mount Point: -8.35 cm from center; 75.8 cm from tail

Available Lengths (cm): 153, 161, 169, 177 cm

The Nordica Santa Ana 93 is the new, littler sister of the Santa Ana, and these two skis are the women’s versions of the Enforcer 93 and Enforcer (100).

Nordica calls the Santa Ana 93, “a lively freeski for females who want hard snow performance combined with soft snow flotation. Its balsa wood core provides a stable metal like feel for hard snow conditions, while its unique lightness increases flotation and playfulness in soft snow.”

Notably, Nordica has opted to use a lighter balsa core in the Santa Ana and Santa Ana 93 and forego the metal (and heavier poplar / ash cores) used in the Enforcer skis. You can read our review of the original Santa Ana, and we’ll be getting on the Santa Ana 93 shortly. But for now, here are a few of the stand out elements of the Santa Ana 93.

Flex Pattern of the Nordica Santa Ana 93

On a scale of 1-10, we’d break down the Santa Ana 93 like this:

Tips: 6
Shovels: 7
Underfoot: 9
Behind the Heel piece: 8
Tails: 7

In short, this is a pretty stout flex pattern, and a nice one. There are no hinge points in the ski, and we were actually a bit surprised by how stiff this ski is. This is a strong, nice flex pattern that we suspect will appeal to advanced skiers.

That Lightweight Balsa Core…

The biggest question we have is how well this stiffer flex pattern works with the pretty low weight of the ski. Nordica has quite a lot to say about their Balsa core, and we think it’s worth reprinting some of it here:

“The Balsa Core is a microlam construction made up of many thin balsa wood stringers stacked side by side, which provide a strong and damp metal like feeling at an extremely light weight. This damp feeling allows skiers to rip through any conditions.”

Bottom Line (For Now)

This is a good looking ski (both in its construction and it’s topsheet), and we look forward to seeing if Nordica has, in fact, achieved this tricky combination of Strong AND Light — often times, it seems that you get to have one of these two characteristics, but not both.

We’re eager to find out. Stay tuned…

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