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  1. Cy,

    What you described here is 99% what I felt when I was riding original JJ 2.0. Looks like tip and tail splay is a bit less agressive now? Looking forward for the comparison with the original jj’s!

  2. Can you comment on the mount point? You mention it in the preview, but I can’t see it being discussed in the full review. Also, is there any chance to get someone of your more directional guys on the longest version (maybe new AK JJ)?

    • Knizepan,

      I started out with it at the -2.5 mount, and really liked it there, it felt balanced without feeling too short. The demo bindings won’t go all the way back to the other -6 cm mount point with my BSL, so I haven’t ridden it there yet, I did take a few laps at -4 cm and didn’t notice too much of a difference though.

      And that’s an interesting note on the longer version, it would probably be a very good comparison ski to skis like the 192 Bent Chetler, which some of our more directional skiers have liked.

  3. Hy Cy !
    I looked at the photos of the Armada ARV 116 2018/19 Version you posted with your Review.
    The bindings canˋt be at -2,5 cm in these photos,can they?
    It looks as if they are all the way at the back!
    I just had the 2019/2020 version mounted at the „freestyle“ position printed on the top sheet(as opposed to the more backward „factory recommended“ position),
    which I suppose would correspond to the -2,5 cm Position. And my skis look almost Center-mounted!
    Have I got something wrong ? A comment would be much appreciated ! Thanks in advance!

  4. I skied several days last year with a guy who was on Armada ARV 116’s. He could leave railroad tracks on firm roughed up groomers at mach schnell. The suspension of this ski appeared to be superlative.

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