7 comments on “2018-2019 Black Crows Daemon”

  1. Hi Blister folks,

    Cant wait to hear how it felt on snow ??. If I recall most recommendations on the Mantra have been to size down to 177 vs the 184 in the newer RC version so this ski piques my interest as I like the Zero Camber flat underfoot quickness and high angle edge grip when ya need it and something longer than a 177.

    It will be interesting to hear editors comment on stability with that 5 tip flex ? I was surprised you reviewed the 183 and not the 188 ? any reason for that ?

    Thanks for great info.

  2. the most fun versatile ski I’ve ever been on. So stable, smooth and easy to ride. They carve trenches and make garbage conditions feel like a buttery groomer. A one ski daily driver for garbage conditions, 3-6″ days, groomers etc. Not my choice for pow days…other options for those conditions :)

  3. Curious the proper length Dana and Blister. Sizing similar to mantra where the 177 is a solid ski for normal sized folks or to size up to the low 180’s since the daemon is a touch lighter and the tips softer with more splay. Thanks guys

  4. I’m 6’2”. I ride the 188 cm daemons. I wouldn’t go shorter and would prefer a 193. Had them on ice and 15” days. They excel in both! I want a pair with dynafits now because of their versatility.

  5. When I saw these in the ski shop last fall, I put them side by side with the mantra’s and they are very, very, very similar. I really wanted to try them out on demo day but they were out being skied all day. I skied the mantra’s again then tried the new head kore 105’s and ended up buying the Heads. I just can’t get over the slow speed feel of the reverse camber skies and the Heads did big turns just as good as the mantra’s.

  6. What do you think of these skis as a one-quiver ski for West Coast resorts, mounted with Salomon SLAB Shift binding? Intended for 50% resort, 30% sidecountry, 20% touring?

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