4 comments on “2018-2019 Black Diamond Boundary Pro 115”

  1. Any plans to try one of the narrower Boundary Pro skis? I’m potentially interested in one of those as a firmer condition 50/50 option (alongside the 186 17/18 Blizzard Bodacious and 15/16 Carbon Megawatt in my quiver at present) for a pretty aggressive, directional, not all that heavy skier based in the PNW.

    • We haven’t been on the new Boundary Pro 100, but we have been skiing the Boundary Pro 107. We wrote about both the Boundary Pro 107 and Boundary Pro 115 in our 18/19 Winter Buyer’s Guide, which you can check out for free by clicking the “Buyer’s Guide” tab at the top of the site.

      • Thanks for the quick reply! I actually looked at the Buyer’s Guide already, but somehow brain farted my way into missing the Pro 107. I’ll revisit it!

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