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  1. I’d like to see a match up between the Alchemist and Foundation versions of the Wailer 106. Blister did a January 2016 review for a pre-production F106 in the 185cm length, so probably not the best for comparison purposes. With the Alchemist construction being more damp (and a little heavier?) than Pure3 the performance differences compared to Foundation has lessened, making the purchase decision more difficult for all DPS models.

  2. Any idea when you’ll actually have on snow time with Phantom? Was looking to hear from anyone(not just DPS) with quality feedback. Thx

    • I just posted a quick review of my experience with Phantom this weekend on my youtube channel (burrows10011). Search for phantom review and it should pop up.

  3. I have 1/2 day on them (185)at Targhee in Dec. They were stable and easy going with good dampening on the crustiest slopes I could find there and the groomed. Reminded me of the line supernatural. Definitely felt the stiffness in bumps but should be OK if you have a game plan. I was really loving the stocki stormrider 105’s I demo’d but bought these at my shops recommendation. Pretty sure they will excel in powder and wind buff. If they are work in thicker crud they will be a great ski.

  4. I just applied Phantom to my slalom race skis and skied them yesterday. It felt just like a fresh wax job. It was very hard snow, so maybe not the best test conditions , but so far so good.

  5. I have had a pair of DPS Wailer 106 Alchemists for just over 12 months. In that time I have skied in the Aosta valley in Italy, Zermatt, Australia and Val d’isere. I have skied everything from fast groomers to a wide range of off piste conditions. I have been on icy slopes, beautiful crisp groomers, deep powder and slush. The skis are extremely versatile and have handled everything well. Easier to ski than my old Salomon Q labs without giving much away in high speed stability. They are also better in the powder than the Q labs which had tips that tended to dive in anything more than knee deep powder. As an all round ski capable of doing almost anything the Wailers are pretty hard to beat.

  6. I demo’d 17 skis during the 2017/2018 season looking for a mid fat ski. I found Blister’s reviews spot on to my own experiences for the ski reviews we had in common. I agree they favor traditional skiers who like to carve turns and the other comments made match my own. I live in central Idaho and frequent Tarqhee, Jackson, Alta, Snowbird, and the backcountry. DPS are are maybe overpriced given all the good skis on the market but I found myself repeatedly returning to demo them and finally bought the Wailer 106 Alchemist 188cm in February 2018. I’ve got about 100 tele days on them mounted with 22 Design Axls and Scarpa T1. I’m 6’3”, 220 lbs and have been skiing for 47 years on both fixed heels and tele but have been tele only for the last 20 years. When people ask why i ski the Wailer 106 Alchemist, I say, “there are a lot of good skis on the market and no one ski does everything, but these are good all around and FUN”.

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