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  1. Any updates on the mounting? I’ve got a pair of the 195’s waiting to be mounted with some radicals. I ski the regular 4.0 inbounds about half way between the AM and candide point. Thinking maybe 2+ from the AM line on the primes? I’m 6’6 and weigh 240 or so geared up.

    • How have they been now that its been a year? I’m pretty similar size to you and looking at the 195’s. Did you get the mount point dialed?

  2. Curious on the mount points? I have a set of 94s waiting to be mounted. Is the candied line good? Or should I go back a cm or forward a cm?

  3. Could the faction 4 ski be used by an intermediate skier for back country skiing. I need a ski that can combine elements of going on a groomed ski trail at a ski resort with just going off on a back country trail and just going down an ungroomed hill in the backcountry and also take on ungroomed hiking trails to get to these hills.

  4. I not sure why you wouldn’t have tested the 3.0 also. The 2.0 and 3.0 (skialper gave the 3.0 a 2019 Freeride Ski Selection award) are probably the best sellers out of the four skis. I personally bought the Prime 3.0, 177cm which has only the one ski center mark. I talked to Faction here in the US and they are recommending a mount 2cm forward of the marked center, mostly because of the long tail rocker even though the splay is not very large. I still haven’t decided how I’m going to mount them I’m installing 22 Design Outlaw X bindings to ski with my Evo WC and Scarpa TX Pro boots depending on whether its an in area or BC focused adventure.

  5. I know this is an old thread, but I thought I would give it a shot as I didn’t find a lot written on my topic – I’ve just picked up a pair of 18/19 Faction Prime 3.0s in 189 that I’d like to use for short tours. I’m wondering where to mount them for soft snow performance. I’m doubtful of the recommendation from the factory, which is about -13cm from the center of the skis. I’m inclined to move a few cm forward of that point, based on experience with similar skis in the past. I’d be grateful for advice from anyone with experience on these skis. Thanks very much.

  6. Hello Mark,

    i´m skiing the prime 3.0 in the same length for the same purpose as you´re planing. By coincidence I read about the 19/20 PRIME Series that faction was keeping the shapes and profiles but were reworking theire mounting positions.
    So I contacted them through their chat on faction.com and indeed they answered that for the prime 3.0 the recommendation was to move the binding by +30mm. I did this and after one tour I must say the ski initiates turns much easier in all conditions. But also it also doesn´t feel like skiing on rails on groomers anymore. I´m thinking of moving them back 10mm again, maybe this will be the best compromise.
    cheers from the alps,

  7. I’m skiing the 18/19 3.0 and I mounted them at +1.5 cm from the marked boot center. I’m skiing them tele with the 22 Designs Outlaw X. I like the way they ski. very playful, good float and they do well in cut up and more difficult snow. Telemark bindings ski better with a slightly rear bias mount as compared to fixed heel. So +2 or 3 cm from marked center is a good place to start.

  8. Thank you very much Alex and Allan. Really appreciate you picking up on this and giving me advice from experience. I also had a chat with someone at Faction who recommended +3 from the factory line. So it’s unanimous. Looking forward to the improvement… Thanks again for taking the time to reply. Mark

    • Hi Mark,
      so you ended up mounting them at +3 from recommended? So that’s -10 from true center?
      How do you like them there?

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