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  1. Nice write up, as usual. How does this ski stack up in terms of damp/poppy, etc.?

    I’d love to see the new Enforcer Pro in the Deep Dive comparison to this ski.


  2. Very excited to read your write up of the Kore 93, especially if you are going to draw comparisons to the Enforcer 93. I’m mostly sold on the Enforcer 93 to be my next ski to balance out my Backland 109s in my 2-ski quiver but I’m intrigued enough by the possibility of what the Kore 93 could be to keep me from making the purchase. Hopefully they will both be at Alta’s demo day and I can try them back to back!

  3. I had the Collective 105’s so I am curious as to how you will review the KORE 105 when you get a chance. Have you skied any of heads other “flight” series skis? like the CYCLIC 115? The new KORES are suppose to be replacing that series so a series to series comparison could be really interesting.

  4. Hi,
    I like the review, it is pretty informative. What I understand that Kore 117 is stiffer than Moment Governor/Bibby PRO and Rossi S7 RD?
    Did I get this right?
    Thank you

  5. Between this in the 180cm 115mm waist or the Blizzard ruslter 11 in 180cm w/ 112mm waist. What has better all mountain performance to pair in between a 100mm enforcer and a 124mm moment nighttrain?

  6. You mention better options for quickness in tight spaces… Could you expand on that with a few recs or a write up?? I came here hoping kore 117 might be the answer to that question. Thanks for the article.

  7. At 5’ 11”. 170. 62 years. Need to be able to make lots of controllled tight turns in steep trees with good moderate to higher speed GS turns through chop and crud. 180 or 189?

  8. Watch Sam Kuch on these in Return to Sender! Wonder where he mounts them…?

    Also the K2 Mindbender 116 seems quite similar but softer.

  9. Can anybody speak to this vs the black crows anima…? Plan to mount with tecton 12’s. 50/50 ski. I know the anima has more weight but performance wise looking for input. Thanks.

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