8 comments on “2017-2018 J Skis The Vacation”

  1. As skis they seem pretty worthy but the graphics? In 2018? A lone woman with her butt out and a gang of guys in sinister masks. This isn’t ‘edgy’ or ‘retro’ ‘design’, just demeaning and offensive. You might want to check in w/ some women but I wouldn’t use these if they were paying me.

    • Hey man…chill !
      They come in several cosmetic options. ‘OCP’ would be my favourite in the past but I’m sure there’ll be some great new ones in the autumn.

  2. Hi Cy,

    Another great review – thanks!

    Could you please describe the feeling of buttering the vacation vs the metal? (specifically, is one easier to butter than the other and how do they react when they’re being pressed – do they pop you back out immediately or can the press be held?)

    Thanks again!


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