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  1. Hello Paul,
    I’ve been looking at these as my resort powder ski for Alta UT. I’m aggressive 6’3 , 210lbs. I’m torn between this ski and Faction 4.0. My biggest concern is I don’t like shovels that fold and the 4.0 seems to be a nice stiff powder board but I really would like to pick up this Schuster Pro. Will the Schuster Pro if mounted at suggested have the stiffness I look for to prevent the folding feeling when I drive the tips? I noticed you mentioned it has a slight folding feeling. Is it that prominent?
    Thanks for any input! Erik

    • Hey Erik, I think you will get some flex and a little bit of folding in the tips when skiing hard through deep or heavy chop at your size. It’s not as bad as some skis I’ve used but it’s definitely noticeable and gets my attention when I’m skiing super fast, especially in heavier, maritime snow. I haven’t skied any of the new Faction skis and can’t comment on a comparison. Best of luck with whatever you choose!

  2. How far forward would you recommend mounting these if you were looking for a more playful ski? I have a pair but cannot decide where to mount them yet. I am thinking -4 would be too far forward. I am stuck between 5 or 6. I love the stability and charging feel of a traditional mount but I also love to spin and ski backwards. Any advice?
    BTW, good review :)

    • The 16/17, 17/18, 18/19, and 19/20 versions are all the same, apart from graphics and name. Liberty changed the name of the ski to the “Origin Pro” for the 18/19 season, but the construction has remained the same since the 16/17 model.

  3. Hi there Paul, I just purchased these skis but I am having a difficult time finding a set of rail bindings that would work. The main problem I am encountering is that the skis are so wide, the brake width on most bindings rarely span the entire underfoot width. Do you have any suggestions as to a set of rail bindings I should try to scout out?

    All the best,

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