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  1. And again Jonathan, many thanks for the extraordinary review!
    And here is my question (hope in the full review you will say few words about it):
    -Can you share few thoughts about differences between Scrapper 124 and 115? Yes, I know they are different, but how much?
    I measured the 124 weight and the scale said 2020&2015 grams per ski. Not too much different weight, but may be diifferent behavior in 40+ pow? But what about old, wet (or refrozen) snow and variable conditions?
    Thank you!

  2. Scrapper 115 with a kingpin is an aggressive directional touring machine. Mounted mine +2 last year and they were my favorite ski to date. Although the few days I have on the Sendr 112 makes me think it could be just as fun but in a lighter weight.

  3. I’m now trying to decide whether to mount a pair of these for touring or inbounds so I’m curious about updates. Anyone gotten any time on this ski yet?

  4. I’ve been skiing these in a 189 with a Salomon mtn pin binding in Chamonix this winter (its been a good winter!). I’m 5’10” 165. They are crazy light in this configuration. They definitely crush untracked snow, even heavier, windblown stuff and surf pow great. They aren’t ‘easy’ but I can get them around no problem due to easy weight. Only difficulty is in cut up hard conditions where lack of weight and surface area combine to be unfun. Touring they’re great but it’s a big ski for a delicate kick turn in deep powder so think about that if you don’t have good skinning technique go for the 182. All around thumbs up tho.

  5. I’m looking for a replacement for my Punisher 110 183 that I like quite a bit, but they are getting beat up. I find it to be about the right combination of fun, stable and forgiving in all conditions when I’m going flat out or just following my kids. From your description, the Scrapper probably doesn’t sound like it is as versatile. What would you recommend in the 108 to 112mm range? I am fairly directional, but don’t really gravitate to skis that are full of metal.

  6. Any experience from yourself or others if the 182 is much different than the 189 in terms of being softer and requiring speed to bend? I’m thinking of a dedicated (well, 90/10) bc ski in soft snow, not much chop, and generally lower speeds. I’m 5’8″ 170lbs, expert skier, but not a super charger.

    • We checked in with Scott and they told us that the only difference between the 17/18 Scrapper 115 and the 18/19 & 19/20 versions was the top sheet and the addition of the little skin-clip cutouts at the tips and tails.

  7. I noticed that the carbon strips within the ski are off-center. Is one ski meant specifically for left and the other for right? And if so, should the carbon strips be on the inside or outside?

    • The skis are not meant to be specifically left and right, apart from graphics, though it’s not all that unusual for skis to have carbon stringers that are off-center (we see this often in the skis we review). Since carbon stringers primarily add stiffness in the longitudinal direction (rather than torsional stiffness), it doesn’t matter too much if they’re a bit off center so I wouldn’t worry about it.

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