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  1. Looking for Front side ski to use mainly at WP/Mary Jane on days without much new snow to round out quiver.
    Replacing some old pocket rockets with Soul 7 and a TBD ski.
    Want something I can hammer bumps on.

    Would this be an ideal fit for that vs something like the Brahma or Enforcer 93?

    • James, though I don’t have much time on the Brahma or Enforcer 93, I will say that I think the Orb would be a great ski for Mary Jane style bumps, especially if you tend to prefer lighter skis (like the Soul 7).

  2. thanks Sam… I had sent and email a while ago asking you guy to compare the Parlor Cardinal vs the Black Crow Captis. I am realizing that might not have been a good head to head. Now that you guys have had some time on the Orb i would be curious how you would compare it to the Cardinal 90. I don’t know if you guys have spent time on the Cardinal 90, so what about the Cardinal 100 vs the Daemon?


    • Hey, Brian – I’ll field this one: we haven’t yet received the Cardinal 90, so can’t comment on that yet. But as for the Cardinal 100 vs. Daemon, in the same lengths, the Parlor 100 feels like the much stronger, more solid ski. The Daemon has a *lot* more tip and tail splay, so it is a much more soft-snow / deep-snow oriented ski than the Cardinal 100. In the 185 length and flex pattern we reviewed, I’d also say that the Cardinal 100 feels like a ski for advanced and expert skiers; the Daemon felt like a much easier ski that works well at very low speeds. It’s not that the Daemon can’t be pushed hard in softer, more forgiving snow, it’s just that the 185 cm Cardinal 100 we reviewed wants you to drive it as you would a more traditional ski. Hope that helps a bit.

  3. Last year I found the 183 17/18 version of this ski to be a “sweet spot” standout, just the right length (me 150, 5’10”). While versatile and quick edge to edge, it liked a fall line approach to frontside and some off piste skiing, and was great when the front got a bit skied off or crowded, bump and quick edge on some ice maneuvering required (in the Rockies). It was very stable at speed – again, a standout among the skis I demoed. It has a bit of playfulness to it. Not sure the shorter version would be as good, especially fore-aft. I came very close to buying it – but too many skis.

  4. I have had my eye on this ski for a little while. I ski resorts in the east 10 days a year and out west in Utah 10 days a year. Im looking for a resort ski that can handle groomed and ungroomed runs well. I am a 6 foot 225lbs advanced skier. I am Also curious if people like the Daemon over the Orb. Ive never skied a reverse camber ski and im a little nervous about how it would carve compared to a traditional cambered ski. The Daemon does sounds like it can truck over variable snow which could be helpful at Snowbird. I would apreciate feedback on either ski. Keep up the good work. I love the podcast and website.

  5. Used Masterblasters in 181 (95 mm waist) this year and am mighty impressed. How do you think they compare ‘all mountain’ with the Orb.

    • Short answer, Bradley: While I want to get more time on the 178 cm Orb, it is much lighter and will feel quicker in moguls. The 181 Masterblaster is heavier and is going to feel more stable and planted in chop and crud. I still think of the Masterblaster as a more playful Bonafide (a heavier, more planted ski).

  6. Thanks for the review, I’m replacing a Blizzard Brahma 180 cm for my main East coast ski. I love the way the Brahma skis, it’s been great fit for me. That said I’ve been amazed at how much the top sheet chips off. I don’t mind how it looks but i was definitely concerned that the ski didn’t last too long, it lost a lot of it’s hard snow performance too quickly, in my opinion. Something that you need on the east coast. I’m a big fan of the Black Crows skis I have the Corvus for the west coast and softer days (though it skis really well in firm conditions too.) I was thinking the orb ski would be comparable to the Brahma? I’ve heard there’s a new review coming of the 18/19 Brahma and it got some love on the recent podcast? The other ski i’m considering is the Nordica Enforcer 93. Love to hear any thoughts? Thx!

    • Hey Mono, we are working on the Brahma review right now. My initial feeling is that the Orb won’t match the hard snow performance of the Brahma, if for no other reason than the long tip taper shape. It’s definitely an interesting comparison though.

  7. Sam-

    Looking for a 90-110 daily driver that will prove to be fun in pow/chop. Current skis are 190 blister pro, 184 Bibby Pro, 189 pb, 184 wailer 99 and 181 master blaster. I’m 6 feet and most of my peers would describe me as a charger- grew up racing. Im getting rid of some kye 95s that I have as they are too soft in the shovel and in crud/chop/chunder i get bucked around too much. Ski at crystal (pnw). Been looking at the atris/enforcer- I’d say my on snow impressions are spot on with what you guys write. I’m not looking for another ski to nuke with as the obvious winner would be a head monster- so I’m willing to give up some top end for more play (like I did with the masterblaster).


    • Hey Beandip, 90-110 mm is a pretty big range to consider. On the less playful end of the spectrum, a ski we really like is the Ranger 102 FR. Still, the Enforcer line are all great skis. On the narrower side, the Wren 96 is a great ski as is the new M5 Mantra (the Mantra will definitely be more planted, damper, and “more ski” than the Wren). On the wider end, the QST 106 / Soul 7 HD / Sick Day 104 are all great skis that are lighter and more playful than the 102 FR. I’ve not skied the Atris yet, but am excited to try it out. There are a ton of great skis I didn’t mention, but for options in that range, that are fun in pow/chop, those are my first thoughts. Like I said though, that’s a huge width range that covers a ton of the skis on the market, and there are a lot of good skis out right now.

    • Beandip,
      Seems like your Masterblaster fits that 90-110 daily driver that is fun in pow/chop but since your asking it must not be quite fitting the bill. What about it is making you want to keep looking? (or is it just the ever present desire to buy more skis ;)

    • Curious with the same question as Nick. I am looking at the 181 Masterblaster with the same requirements/profile you mentioned. How do you like the Masterblaster at speed and holding big turns? What about in soft-ish bumps?

      Have the 177 enforcer 100 which is too short for me (5’9″, 165) without enough effective edge. Also looking at BC Navis and 2019 Corvus.

      • Hey Matt, the Orb is a much lighter and easier ski than the Masterblaster. For holding turns at high speeds, the Masterblaster is the clear winner. For making quick turns in tight spots, I’d take the Orb. The Masterblaster has a much more planted feel than the Orb (which feels more light, spry, and playful), so depending on your skiing style that might be a point for either ski in soft-ish bumps.

        Hope that helps!

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