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  1. I’m sorry, but 17/18 are very different to 18/19, lighter more than 150 grams per ski and very flexible. 18/19 are more like 106…

    I sold old 96 188 because even for freetouring it’s too flex (I’m 75kg and 186cm, expert skier)

    Very interesting how new 96 black edition goes in comparison to 106 and 96 18/19

    • Didn’t like this version either. To soft for my taste. But I ride 96 Black Edition for a year now and it is one of the best skis ever for piste/hardpack and to some 10 cm fresh. Not super hard charging in the ice but it is light so don’t expect that from it (still very good in my opinion). Veeery good ski!

  2. We’ve been skiing the 18/19 version of the Ripstick 96, so all of what we’ve said in this First Look, in our Flash Review, and in our 18/19 Winter Buyer’s Guide is in reference to the standard version of the 18/19 Ripstick 96.

    We can’t comment on the 17/18 version of the ski since we haven’t skied it, but we will be offering our thoughts on the 18/19 version in our full review this coming season. The Black Edition of the Ripstick 96 also sounds intriguing, and we’re looking into reviewing that version of the ski this season.

  3. Thanks, but I tried the weight of 18/19 and in really huge like 1800g per ski (in comparison to 1650 of 17/18)… are you sure about your measurement…

    And what do you suggest for real 50/50 ski – 106 or 96?

    • We’re very confident in our measured weights. Did you measure a 181 cm 18/19 Ripstick 106? If you weighed a 188 cm version that might account for a slight difference in weight.

      As for your question about whether the 96 or 106 would be better for 50/50 use, I think that comes down to where you ski and what you’ll be using the ski for. The two skis feel pretty similar on snow, with the Ripstick 96 being a bit softer and lighter than the Ripstick 106. So if I lived in a higher-snow area, I’d probably go with the 106, and vice versa for a lower-snow area. We’ll be posting an in-depth comparison this season, and I’d also recommend checking out our 18.19 Winter Buyer’s Guide for more info on how both Ripsticks compare to other similar skis.

  4. Firstly, thank you guys for your amazing reviews!

    I’m an advanced-intermediate looking to move up into a wider ski that will allow me to spend some more time off-piste, yet still stick mainly to the piste. I’m 6’2 and 225lbs and dont look to charge down the hill at all times but rather like something thats stable underfoot and that I can enjoy.

    I’ve been narrowing down my options to the Head Kore 93 / Ripstick 96 / Atomic Vantage 90TI.

    Which would you recommend based on this? Many thanks for your inputs!

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