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  1. i thought i had the new ski question answered. J skis master blaster is now just the leader in the clubhouse.

    the kore 99, rustler 9, mantra m5, are all closing hard. now i hear the qst 99 has a new build for next year. the enforcer 93&100 have to be on the list. the renoun endurance could be a game changer. even with the unique dimensions.

    poor me, looks like i cannot make a bad decision…

    • Steve, what did you end up with? The K99, R9 and M5 are all on my short list. Seems like the R9 should be the most forgiving, followed by the M5 and then the k99 the least forgiving. I own the R11’s so soft snow ski is covered, which leans me more towards the M5 and the K99 as a go fast, ripping groomer and low snow off-piste. Like you said, no bad decisions.

  2. I got an opportunity to demo the 99 and it is a fantastique ski. I ski an Enforcer 100 and this ski was actually more fun than the Enforcer. I’m a lightweight (145 lbs) and this ski didn’t require as much power as the Enforcer does to really get going. It’s very light in comparison and having no metal I was sure it would not have the rebound I like when pushing a ski. I was wrong. This thing has crazy rebound out of turns without any metal in the construction. Apparently, the graphene is responsible for that performance. Head is going after the success of the Enforcer with the design of this ski and I must say they have succeeded. I would venture to say that a heavier skier might still find the Enforcer a better fit, but for a lighter skier, the Kore has a distinct edge compared to the Enforcer.

  3. I feel like Head is kinda late for the party but they are coming with a bang. Kore series will definitely do some “damage” in its class. I personally own Kore 93 and after just 2nd run I was absolutely sold on those skis. I ski them on muggles,between trees, powder, hard packed, chopped and spring heavy snow they just take anything you throw at it and surprisingly they are fast too I went 65mph on them with full control and confidence. In my 25+ years of skiing( 15 of them racing) I never thought I would find skis like this. I highly recommend this skis to anyone who likes to venture all over the mountain. Those are kind of skis that when you go to sleep you don’t have to worry about type of conditions you will encounter on the slopes next morning.

  4. Hi Jonathan,

    Thank you for perfect review.
    Do you think this skis could work also for outbound when following inbound consists mostly of firm/icy snow, less often few cm of powder? (I’m thinking about kore vs. wayback, and of course inbound vs. grams in outbound).

    Thanks a lot!

  5. The Kore 99 is a great ski, reasonably lightweight (but not crazy light), nimble, damp with strong edge grip and with the stiffness, handles crud really well. Just skied it at the weekend in Whistler after 15-25 cm overnight, mostly skied out powder with bumps and crud and the occasional pocket of fresh. It was perfect for the conditions, fantastic ski.

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