2018-2019 ON3P Wrenegade 114

Jonathan Ellsworth reviews the ON3P Wrenegade 114 for Blister
ON3P Wrenegade 114

Ski: 2018-2019 ON3P Wrenegade 114, 189 cm

Available Lengths: 179, 184, 189 cm

Blister’s Measured Tip-to-Tail Length: 189.5 cm

Blister’s Measured Weight per Ski: 2418 & 2433 grams

Blister’s Measured Dimensions: 143.3-114.6-131.1 mm

Stated Sidecut Radius: 29.3 meters

Measured Tip & Tail Splay (ski decambered): 83 mm / 32 mm

Measured Traditional Camber Underfoot: ~2 mm

Core: Bamboo + 2” Unidirectional Carbon Stringers (Top & Bottom) + Fiberglass Laminate

Base: 1.8 mm 4001 Durasurf

Factory Recommended Mount Point: -10.25 cm from center; 84.5 cm from tail


For the 2018-2019 season, ON3P is making some changes to their Wrenegade line, including the addition of a new widest ski, the Wrenegade 114. Check out our conversation with ON3P founder, Scott Andrus for more information on the 18/19 line, and then you can also enter our giveaway for a chance to win a pair of custom ON3P skis — including the all-new Wrenegade 114.

Shape / Rocker Profile

The Wrenegade 114’s shape bares a very similar resemblance to its narrower sibling, the Wrenegade 108. Its tips aren’t very tapered, and there’s barely any taper on the tails.

In terms of rocker profile, the Wrenegade 114 is again quite similar to the 108. It has a lot of tip splay / deep tip rocker lines, and a moderate amount of tail rocker.

Flex Pattern

Hand flexing the Wrenegade 114, here’s how we’d characterize its flex pattern:

Tips: 8
Shovels: 8.5-9
In Front of Toe Piece: 9-10
Underfoot: 10
Behind Heel Piece:9.5-9
Tails: 8.5

While we’re not yet willing to call the flex patterns of the 18/19 Wrenegade 114 and 108 identical, they are extremely similar. They’re both pretty strong skis, and are noticeably stiffer in the tips and tails when compared to the 17/18 Wrenegade 108.

Dimensions / Sidecut Radius

The Wrenegade 114 looks like a big, long, straight ski. Its 29.3 meter sidecut radius certainly suggests that it will like to make big turns, and overall, the Wrenegade 114’s shape very much looks like a “big-mountain gun.”


At around ~2425 grams, the 189 cm Wrenegade 114 is pretty hefty, and when combined with its shape and rocker profile, we suspect it will do quite well in variable / chopped up conditions.

For reference, here are a few of our measured weights (per ski in grams) of a few other notable skis:

1973 & 2020 Head Kore 117, 189 cm
2126 & 2173 Rossignol Super 7 RD, 190 cm
2161 & 2163 Faction Dictator 4.0, 186 cm
2199 & 2196 Icelantic Nomad 115, 189 cm
2346 & 2351 Nordica Enforcer Pro, 191 cm
2370 & 2387 Volkl Confession, 193 cm
2372 & 2393 Moment Blister Pro / Bibby, 190 cm
2418 & 2433 ON3P Wrenegade 114, 189 cm

Bottom Line (For Now)

So how easy-going or game-on is this new Wrenegade 114? And is it best thought of as a wider all-mountain ski? A chop destroyer? Or a directional deep-snow ski that prefers fall line skiing?

We just spent a fantastic powder day at Telluride on the Wrenegade 114, and we’re still working toward our full review. But for now, please feel free to leave questions you’d like to see addressed in our full review.

Flash Review: ON3P Wrenegade 114

Blister members can now read our initial on-snow impressions of the Wrenegade 114 in our Flash Review.

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16 comments on “2018-2019 ON3P Wrenegade 114”

  1. Do you have any plans to review a shorter version? An 189 ON3P is a pretty long skis as ON3Ps measure long. Also how much different is this ski from the 108 version? Do they feel like similar skis?

    • they don’t really measure long – they measure actual length, which is a bit refreshing. Skis that are actually the length that is stated on them? Quite convinient yess :)

    • Yep – almost everyone else measures long. So a 182 is actually a 180 or 179. Wish this was standardized because it’s super annoying.

  2. Skied this in some serious Sierra Cement at Northstar yesterday, 184cm, recommended mount with Pivot 14s. I’m 5’11”-175lbs, ex-racer, forward stance, fast, aggressive in all snow types.
    Easy to ski, good suspension through all the variable mank, untracked and groomers. Could throw it sideways, but it also felt fairly locked in on the groomers. Felt kinda like the old Volkl Gotamas that had camber. My last ski in this category was the Line Supernatural 115, 186cm, loved this ski, just wanted to try something different. So far, the Supernatural has a bit more pop, the maple core seems to return more energy than the bamboo in the Wrenegade. I’m excited to get this Wren in some more ideal snow! I would like to ski the JSKIS Friend next. Maybe the Dynastar Proto, or Blizzard Bodacious, though?!?

    • Hey Zachariah,

      Howdy. Interested in these here Wren114 skis.
      I’m an ex-racer, 5’8″ and 150lbs. Usually ski directional chargers at a 178cm-184cm length.
      I have the SN108 at a 179cm (great) and have also enjoyed the Wren 108 in the same length (also really enjoy the pop/rebound of the SN).
      Hoping for some advice on sizing between the 179cm or 184cm for my PNW and Tahoe area purposes? Thinking the 184cm for charging some powder lines at speed, but perhaps that’s a bit too much ski, given the waist and shovel dimensions. Perhaps the 178cm is plenty. Any thoughts?

      • That’s hard to say, they are heavier than my Supernatural 115s and I can feel that just a bit. If you want to make
        more energetic, hop-turns, go shorter, if you want to bomb around and crush everything, go 184. I’m in Sacramento if you want to try mine, 315 BSL.

    • Hey Zach,

      Kinda dumb ? But you are the only review of 184…are they OK in tighter spots , trees etc.

      The 189 at 29m would be a lot for me unless wide open.


      You said you could throw them sideways ? Any other insights appreciated.

      • I have a pair in 184 length. The ski is fine in trees but may not be the best is moguls or skiing through a creek drainage.

        What others skis have you used that you would compare it against?

  3. Hey Zachariah – thanks for the info and advice. And hey, if you’re serious, I’d certainly take you up on your offer to test drive the planks. I’m located in the Bay area, and head to Tahoe every other week or so… I’ll be in touch!

  4. Do you plan to update this review??? Enquiring minds want to know your final verdict with the typical Blister thoroughness. Thanks

  5. Welp, gonna try something new in this category this year, so these will be going up for sale on TGR’s gear swap.
    Trying to decide what to buy next…..

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