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  1. Hey Jonathan.
    I would like to see most of the skis mentioned above compared to the Kastle FX95HP that for me is a excelent and versatile ski at this category. But never saw here a review nor even a mention of this great ski on any review of the whole site.

    • Mauro,

      The fx95hp is an amazing ski. It is nothing like the old experience 100 or the new one. If anything, last years experience is very similar to the Mx88, and the new one is more similar to the old fx 94, and not just because of the similar waist but interns of construction and the way it skis. The old fx will be smoother, more forgiving, but the experience will have way better edge grip. The older experience has got crazy edge grip, tons of power and minimal forgiveness. Both the old and new experience do not float that well and really share nothing in common with the fx95hp. The fx has got perfect combination of power and forgiveness. It drifts so nicely in bumps unlike the experience which tends to get hooky, especially the old one. The fx is so smooth with insane float for a 95mm Ski. The experience is just a tad better carver on firm, while the fx does everything so well. Truly an incredible Ski.

  2. How does this ski compare to the older E100? (Specifically, the Blue/Yellow ones from 16/17? i think?) Is it the replacement in Rossi’s lineup? Or is it more like the old E88?

    • I have that 16/17 E100 and just got off a day on the new 94. To oversimplify, they detuned the shovel or you could say they grafted on a a high tech honeycomb nose. It actually looks (only looks) just like the enforcer 93. The result is that the entry is more playful and forgiving. Still rips hard, but MUCH more maneuverable in tight steeps, bumps, and variable chop – with massive grip to follow once you set your turn.. The E100 has a serious hook while the new design is more surfy and slidey in the front, but still backed up by true stiff mid fat Carver. It takes it a huge step into all mountain territory. While still retaining the dancy snap of the experience line.
      I also did some A/B with the updated 88 which was also playful, precise, and super responsive tho not as surfey as it’s big brother. Neither had any noticeable top end. And the shovels were nice and damp at speed.

  3. Is there any number between 80 and 100 that has NOT been a Rossi Experience at this point? :-)
    Disclaimer: I have and love the E98.

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