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  1. Hi Blister

    I have been agonising over what ski to buy, and i think that your review of the Salomon XDR hit the nail on the head for me.

    I live in Australia so i don’t get the great conditions like in Europe or America, but we get the odd dump of boot deep powderish type snow. So i am after a ski that is all mountain that will carve and handle some soft stuff when it arrives. Australia has mainly firm groomers unfortunately.

    I am an advanced skier but a bit more on the conservative side, so i like to charge every now and then but also like to get short turns in. So i want a ski with some versatility, performance without being crazy stiff so i can ride it all day, but not too soft where the edges don’t bite.

    Skis i have shortlisted

    Salomon XDR 88 ti
    Salomon XDR 84 ti Not sure which one??
    Head Kore 93
    Elan Ripstick 88

    With the Salomons, i had a great day on them in the softer stuff, but you guys where bang on when you said they where chattery in the icy or firm snow, they didn’t seem to go as well.

    So i would like to get your thoughts, as i really liked your review, and i like the Salomons but hesitant and unsure regarding the 84s or 88s. So i am open to your suggestions.

    Thanks for your input

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